(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) "E-commerce + Live Broadcasting" Helps Hubei Zigui Navel Orange Online Sales Exceed 600 Million RMB

  Zhongxin.com, Zigui, Hubei, June 3 (Xianghongmei) In the past few days, Quchengxian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., located in Huawei Logistics Park, Zigui County, Hubei Province, is busy. Workers are choosing fruits, packing, ordering, and loading. Cars, Lun Wan continued to sell well, Xia Orange is about to go on the market in large quantities, and the company has been in an "accelerated run" since resumption of production.

  "As of the end of May, the company sold 2,500 tons of navel orange online, with sales reaching 20 million, an increase of 33% over the same period last year." said Song Tao, general manager of Qu Orange Fresh E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Zigui Xiacheng is listed in large quantities

  Zigui, the first county in the Three Gorges Reservoir, is located on the banks of the Xiling Gorge in the Yangtze River. It is the "hometown of navel oranges in China." The navel orange industry has always been a local characteristic industry and a pillar industry in agriculture. Affected by the epidemic in early 2020, navel oranges missed the best time to sell. Some navel oranges fell due to over-maturity, and farmers suffered a certain amount of economic losses.

  After the introduction of agricultural product sales policies, Zigui County opened the green sales channel for the first time, built a digital industrial chain, and restored e-commerce enterprises, fruit washing and packaging enterprises, logistics and express delivery services in an orderly manner, and vigorously promoted the online sales of Zigui Navel Orange. At the same time, the county sent a letter inviting e-commerce platforms and distributors across the country to help sell agricultural products. Since the resumption of production, Zigui Navel Orange has achieved online sales of 50,000 tons and sales of more than 600 million yuan. The proportion of online sales has increased from less than 30% in previous years to more than 55%.

Zigui navel orange planting area reaches 400,000 mu

  At the same time, Zigui and Alibaba, JD, Suning, Pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms carried out a series of live broadcast activities, from party and government cadres to traffic experts, from field fruit farmers to e-commerce enterprises, all incarnate It is a web celebrity anchor and a "platform cry" for the sale of special agricultural products such as navel orange and tea. It is understood that the cumulative sales of Ziguilun Navel Orange through live broadcasts exceeded 5,000 tons.

  According to the statistics of Zigui County Bureau of Economics and Information, there are currently 1,620 e-commerce companies in Zigui, and 3,300 online stores have been opened on e-commerce platforms such as Ali, JD.com and Suning. Through nurturing and development, a number of e-commerce service stations have established companies, become Zigui key e-commerce enterprises and entered the business enterprises above designated size, and a number of leading e-commerce enterprises have emerged. E-commerce has not only boosted the income of more than 50,000 specialty agricultural product growers in the county, but also promoted the development of related industries such as agricultural product processing, refrigeration, packaging, logistics and transportation, warehousing, store leasing, catering, accommodation, tourism and more than 25,000 people .

  At present, Zigui is further launching the "upgraded version" of e-commerce demonstration counties, and is making efforts to integrate resources, improve policies, innovate mechanisms, build platforms, and influencer cultivation, and quickly settle in various new media and short video live broadcast platforms. In preparation for integration with the 5G era, online agricultural product sales are expected to exceed 2 billion yuan in 2020. (Finish)