In the exhaust gas scandal, Volkswagen must again face high fines. A U.S. appeals court ruled Monday that VW cannot protect itself from the demands of two counties in Utah and Florida. Salt Lake and Hillsborough had sued VW for excessive climate-damaging diesel emissions. You could now claim a billion dollars.

In September 2015, VW granted exhaust gas manipulation on a large scale. Since then, the group has already incurred legal costs of over 30 billion euros - the majority of which were due for fines and compensation in the United States. Now, according to US judge Charles Breyer, VW could again receive up to $ 11.2 billion a year. In 2018, he had decided in the first instance in favor of the group.

Audi and Porsche are also affected. For the manufacturers that belong to the VW Group, exhaust gas values ​​have also been downgraded. In addition, the US districts accuse the German supplier Bosch, who is said to have supplied the manipulation software. He, too, had already agreed on expensive comparisons with US plaintiffs.

VW had long since ticked off the exhaust gas affair in the USA. Only a dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission did not want to end. The corporation made a pleading of guilt in court, was subjected to enormous sanctions under civil law, and paid a fine of billions for criminal offenses. Criminal charges and arrest warrants issued by the U.S. judicial authorities have been filed against several suspects, including ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn. Two former VW employees have already been sentenced to years in prison and high fines.

The judges are aware that their decision can lead to "breathtaking burdens". The court is in conflict with its line with other US jurisdiction, the group writes in an initial opinion. VW announced that it would vigorously defend itself and, if necessary, go to the US Supreme Court.