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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Incheon International Airport Corporation, and Korea Airports Corporation decided to cut the rent of commercial facilities in airports that suffer from the aftermath of Corona 19 by up to 75%.

Large and medium-sized companies are concerned with commercial facilities at the airport, where passengers have shrunk 70% more than last month.50%, small and medium-sized businesses, and 75% rent reduction.

The rent reduction will be applied for a period of up to 6 months until the number of passengers at the airport reaches 60% of the previous year, and duty-free shops, convenience stores, bookstores, pharmacies, refueling and catering companies will be eligible for reduction.


KT or SK Telecom subscribers can apply for'Gold Number' such as '1111' and '1004' from today (2nd).

There are a total of 158 KT Gold Numbers and 5,000 SK Telecom Gold Numbers.

Subscribers who wish for a gold number can apply at the agency or website, and the winning result will be announced on the 25th for KT and SK Telecom on the 22nd.

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Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries designated'Cold Chain Specialized Zone' at the rear of Incheon New Port.

Cold Chain is a logistics system that keeps fresh foods, such as aquatic products and agricultural products, at a low temperature from the mountain to the consumer.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries confirmed the plan to designate a 230,000-square-meter scale in Incheon New Port's hinterland, as demand for refrigeration and refrigeration has skyrocketed in the past 10 years, with livestock imports increasing 10.8% per annum and marine products importing 3.8%.