[Commentary] On June 1, the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" was released, proposing that it will focus on trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, supported by the free and orderly safe and convenient flow of various production factors across the border and the modern industrial system To ensure the establishment of a policy system of Hainan Free Trade Port on the premise of clarifying the division of labor and mechanism measures and keeping the bottom line of no systemic risks, with special tax system arrangements, efficient social governance system and complete legal system as guarantees. The "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" has aroused heated discussion among all sectors of society.

  [Same period] (Wu Shicun, Dean of the China South China Sea Research Institute) The positioning of the Hainan Free Trade Port is the most open economic form of the benchmark international. So I read the "Overall Plan", because I went to Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong often last year, and have conducted many investigations and field visits. I think the system arrangement and policy design of the "Overall Plan" are not low. In these places.

  [Explanation] What bonuses does the "Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Plan" bring to the people? All sectors of the society stated that they are good in terms of consumption, medical care, education, and tax burden.

  [Same period] (Liu Feng, Director, Research Center for Free Trade Ports with Chinese Characteristics, Hainan Normal University) If Hainan people can enjoy tax-free overseas consumer goods, this is a direct improvement to life and a direct improvement. The second level is to say that the development of a prosperous industry and a prosperous industry in Hainan Free Trade Port will bring a large flow of people, logistics and capital, which will promote the development of commerce and market activity. He will have a direct impact on the local people's employment and then starting a business, which is to bring a boost. From a long-term perspective, the development of Hainan is also a great opportunity for local people, that is, the people who grew up and developed here. Whether it is from the appreciation and preservation of personal property, from the education of his children later, from his long-term sense of acquisition, freedom, and convenience of entry and exit, this is a long-term benefit.

  (Sun Xiangtao, deputy secretary general of the Haikou City Travel Agency Association) clearly mentioned in this free trade port policy that it is necessary to increase the coverage of routes. Helping our island residents not only enjoy the policies brought by our free trade port, but also use our convenient route transportation to any country in the world, so for our local residents, it is also very exciting. .

  [Explanation] The "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" proposes to gradually establish a tax system that is compatible with high-level free trade ports in accordance with the principles of zero tariffs, low tax rates, simplified taxation, strong rule of law, and stages. At the same time, it will provide entry and exit facilities for foreign high-level talents in investment and entrepreneurship, lectures, exchanges, and economic and trade activities. This brightened the eyes of small and medium-sized enterprises investing and developing in Hainan, thinking that this was an opportunity.

  [Same period] (Qi Funing, General Manager of Hainan Coconut Tourism and Cultural Development Co., Ltd.) Because of this policy, it is actually for us, SMEs, to carry out some international trade projects. Like before, only large companies can recruit these foreigners or make invitations to foreigners. But now that this policy is coming, I think that including our international friends and international friends, if he wants to come over and cooperate with us, small companies, people will easily come in contact with us. When we lower taxes, we are actually reducing our operating costs.

  Reporter Li Yufan Haikou reports

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]