The Korean government has decided to resume the WTO dispute resolution process regarding Japan's export restrictions to Korea.

“The Japanese government is showing no intention to resolve the problem, and the discussion on resolving the current issue is not making progress,” said Seung-Sik Na, head of trade and investment at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. "It was judged that it was difficult to see through the normal conversation that was a condition of "."

As a result, the Korean government decided to resume the WTO dispute resolution process for Japan's export restrictions on three items, which had been temporarily suspended on November 22, last year.

To this end, we plan to proceed with future procedures by asking the WTO to install a dispute resolution panel.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry notified Japan to disclose its position by the end of May regarding Japan's decision to export three items against Korea and to exclude the white list, which is a list of white countries (preferred countries for export procedures). Did not come out.

In July of last year, three items, photoresist for extreme ultraviolet (EUV), fluorine polyimide, and hydrogen fluoride, which are the core materials required for semiconductor and display manufacturing, were changed from general comprehensive approval to individual approval.

In August, Korea was excluded from the'white list', which recognizes the benefits of simplifying the approval process when exporting Korean companies.

Director Na emphasized that all three reasons were resolved: Japan's proposed measures to strengthen export regulations in Korea, cessation of policy talks between Japan and Japan, and lack of control over conventional weapons.

"We will protect the legitimate interests of our company by objectively proving the illegality and injustice of Japan's three items export restrictions through the WTO dispute resolution process." We will gather all our capabilities and resolve them to resolve them promptly."