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Facel Vega Paris V - DR

For laymen, Facel Vega was a high-end French brand which, despite its short life (1954-1964) became legend thanks to its coupes with inimitable style, opulent luxury, and large American V8 engines.

Already in 2012, rumors of revival had circulated, and a first concept-model had been created, which unfortunately remained without a future. To be frank, we doubt that this one, baptized Facel Vega V (V for V8 obviously) knows a more enviable fate, even if the images come from a new "official" website, produced with a very… relative professionalism. Nevertheless, the images of the car leave you dreamy. The design, which incorporates the features typical of the glorious models of the past, such as the imposing grille, the powerful lines, the large windshield and the thin uprights, is a real success. Unquestionably, it would be a magnificent new Facel, if it came to be. Let's dream a little ...


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