The effects of the corona crisis are clearly evident on the German labor market: tens of thousands of employees and self-employed have lost their income - so they have applied for additional support from the job center. The left in the Bundestag refers to corresponding data from the Federal Employment Agency.

According to this, there were around 51,000 employees and 33,000 self-employed in April, who have recently been added to the statistics of the Hartz IV increase. Usually there are fewer than 2,000 new employees per month and 10,000 to 13,000 new employees per month. 

It is assumed that many of the newly registered top-ups in April are short-time workers. According to statistics, a particularly large number of people came from the area of ​​"personal service occupations". These include, for example, employees and the self-employed from the catering trade or from art and culture.