The Rental Dispute Resolution Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, revealed that it reached amicably a solution to a rental dispute, in which a real estate owner of a citizen invested an amount of 1.5 million dirhams, instead of a four-month rental.

The real estate owner emphasized that what he had done to please God Almighty, and part of his societal responsibility towards his country, in light of these exceptional circumstances that the world and the region go through, and require the cooperation and solidarity of all, preferring not to mention his name.

Judge Abdel Qader Mousa, the head of the Center for Lease Dispute Resolution in Dubai, said that amicable solutions are provided to judicial procedures in all issues related to the center.

He revealed that he had taken a decision, in the middle of last month, according to which all cases that are registered should be referred to the "Conciliation and Conciliation Administration", to reach amicable solutions before they are considered by the center's judges.

Judge Moussa pointed out that 30 rental cases were resolved in a friendly way, including a case of dues amounting to 4.5 million dirhams, in which a realtor of a citizen of the tenant relinquished the rental value for four months at a total of 1.5 million dirhams.

He stressed that these initiatives by some real estate owners, citizens and non-citizens who responded to the friendly solution, reflect the extent of their social responsibility in supporting the UAE economy and investors, especially since this period requires each of us to bear some of the social responsibility.

Judge Moussa explained that "the Department of Conciliation and Reconciliation" enjoys the presence of reformers who have extensive experience in conciliation and reconciliation between the conflicting parties, and most of them hold international certificates in this field. He added that the issues that are resolved amicably, depend on a peace agreement signed by the parties to the relationship, and approved by the judge supervising the administration, and this agreement will have the power of executive support, i.e. the power of judgment, and if one party violates what was stated in it, the other party can apply to the implementation management at the center , To request their implementation, just as the provisions.

For his part, Abdullah Al Yassi, Director of Conciliation and Conciliation Department at the Center, said that one of the most important issues that have been resolved by the administration, since the head of the center’s decision came into effect, is a rental dispute worth 4.5 million dirhams, in which the landlord relinquished the tenant of a building that operates in the hotel apartments system, For a four-month rental fee of 1.5 million dirhams.

Al-Yassi explained that all precautionary measures are followed, in relation to friendly sessions, through holding sessions via visual communication techniques, and through following the electronic signature system, adopting the mobile repairer method, which goes to the parties to the case in their whereabouts and taking the necessary signatures from them, especially With parties of the elderly or people of determination.

He pointed out that the percentage of amicably resolving rental disputes increases from one year to another, thanks to awareness efforts of rental laws, which are conducted by the Land and Property Department and the Center for Lease Dispute Resolution.

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