According to the news from the website of the Ministry of Finance on June 1, the client of, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Comprehensive Department of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council jointly issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Comprehensive Demonstration of E-Commerce into the Countryside in 2020. The “Notice” pointed out that it supports the popularization and skill training of rural e-commerce for migrant workers, college students, veterans, and poor households returning to their hometowns, and enriches courses such as live streaming and social e-commerce.

Data map: live broadcast with goods. China News Agency reporter Ding Sishe

  The "Notice" pointed out that vigorously develop rural e-commerce, promote the formation of agricultural products into the city and the smooth flow of industrial products to the countryside, online and offline integration, agricultural products and services consumption and dual upgrade agricultural product circulation system and modern rural market system, cultivate a batch of Demonstration county with characteristics and experience that can be copied and promoted. The key commerce and trade circulation enterprises in the demonstration counties rely on e-commerce to achieve transformation and upgrade, logistics costs have been significantly reduced, agricultural products have entered the city and industrial products have gone to the countryside effectively, and the average annual growth rate of rural online retail sales and agricultural online sales has been higher than the national average. Rural consumption Product quality has improved significantly. The "three districts and three states" deep poverty areas can formulate reasonable and feasible development goals in light of reality.

  Regarding the funding methods and key points of the central government's finances, the "Notice" pointed out that local governments are encouraged to preferentially subsidize and subsidize loans, combined with support methods such as building first, subsidizing, purchasing services, and direct subsidies. Through the guidance of central government funds to promote social capital and jointly participate in rural e-commerce work. The financial funds focus on supporting agricultural products to enter the city, taking into consideration the industrial products going to the countryside, and appropriately tilting the e-commerce, logistics, and trade circulation enterprises that undertake important tasks related to the supply and supply of epidemic prevention and control under the same conditions. The central government funds implement the "encourage development + negative list" management model, focusing on supporting the following directions:

County three-tier logistics distribution system

  Support and improve the three-tier logistics distribution system in counties and villages, vigorously develop common distribution, integrate logistics resources such as postal services, supply and marketing, commerce, express delivery, transportation, etc., carry e-commerce express on the basis of daily consumer goods and agricultural resources to the countryside, and gradually promote commercial logistics Unified warehouse allocation, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs. Encourage reasonable planning in areas where conditions permit, build warehouse logistics distribution centers at regional nodes, and develop smart logistics.

Rural e-commerce public service system

  Support the construction and upgrading of county-level e-commerce public service centers, coordinate the promotion of brand, standard, quality control, finance, logistics, training and other services, cultivate a batch of high-quality agricultural product brands, and form a supporting production standardization system. Optimize the content of rural e-commerce public services, integrate postal, supply and marketing, express delivery, finance, government affairs and other resources, and expand convenience services such as buying and selling, small deposit and withdrawal, information consulting, and employment introduction. Focus on service, hardware construction should adhere to the principles of practicality and economy, make full use of existing facilities and equipment, and idle workshops.

Rural modern circulation service system

  Support the informatization and digital transformation and upgrading of rural traditional commercial and trade circulation enterprises, chain supermarkets, retail outlets, strengthen the connection with e-commerce, financial insurance, mobile payment, employment guidance and other resources, promote the optimization and reorganization of business processes and organizational structures, and realize the line Integrate online and offline development, build an informational, localized and chained marketing service network, and build a modern circulation service system supporting county industry development and adapting to local consumption needs.

Rural e-commerce training system

  Support the popularization of rural e-commerce and skills training for returning migrant workers, college students, veterans, and poor households, strengthen training mechanisms, and focus on quality rather than quantity. Improve standardized textbooks, enhance training pertinence, and enrich courses such as live streaming and social e-commerce. Improve the training conversion mechanism, guide the docking of employment needs, and focus on tracking services rather than "one-shot" training. Make training records truthfully.

  All localities can proceed from the local reality, refine the construction content and support standards according to local conditions, and encourage the demonstration counties to take the help of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization as the guide, with the goal of establishing a marketable and sustainable rural e-commerce operation system, and evaluate the actual results. Standards are actively explored and achieved practical results in promoting agricultural products to enter the city and industrial products going to the countryside, and driving farmers to increase their employment income.

  According to the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Printing and Distributing the Measures for the Administration of Development Funds for Service Industries” (Caijian [2019] No. 50) and other regulations, the central government funds shall not be used for online trading platforms, building of buildings, land acquisition and demolition, and purchase flow , Recurrent expenditures such as personnel expenses and work expenses. Provincial finance departments should work with the commerce and poverty alleviation departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Promoting Local Revitalization of Financial Stock Funds” (Cai Yu [2015] No. 15) to do a good job of central government funds for long-term idle counties in this province The overall arrangement work can be used to support the rural circulation field.

  Regarding the scope of application, the “Notice” stipulates that in 2020, comprehensive demonstrations will be selected nationwide to support a group of counties with good foundations and great potentials, and will be moderately inclined to poorly-worked counties and areas that have been affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. And strengthen the incentive support for typical counties. The specific application requirements are as follows:

  Applicants should basically establish a market-oriented and sustainable rural e-commerce operation system, with good industry, talent and other basic conditions. The application plan must closely improve the level of e-commerce into the countryside, focus on the establishment of a modern rural market system, further tap the potential of rural e-commerce, improve the two-way circulation efficiency of urban and rural areas, promote agricultural products into the city and industrial products to the countryside, promote farmers ’income and expand rural consumption, Help rural revitalization. Work objectives can be quantified and appraised.

  Demonstration counties that have been supported in previous years can be declared twice, subject to conditions such as fund disbursement, project completion, and outstanding results. Encourage national poor counties and underdeveloped revolutionary districts and counties to declare and give priority to supporting national poor counties that have achieved significant results in poverty alleviation through e-commerce. Continue to support the Tibet Autonomous Region in carrying out its work in the form of promoting the entire region.

  In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Further Strengthening Incentives and Supports in Places with Significant Effectiveness in Realizing Effective Work" (Guobanfa [2018] No. 117), 10 typical rural e-commerce incentives including Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, determined this year Counties and cities do not need to declare any more, and are directly included in the scope of comprehensive demonstration.