The number of rural netizens in China exceeded 250 million

  Rural e-commerce makes wealthy roads wider (Online China)

  "Support e-commerce, express delivery into the countryside, expand rural consumption" has become one of the hot topics of the two sessions this year. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, the number of rural Internet users in China has exceeded 250 million, and rural e-commerce has exceeded 13 million. More and more services and commodities enter the countryside through e-commerce, changing the life and consumption habits of farmers. Online shopping not only broadens employment channels for farmers, but also becomes a new trend in rural life consumption.

  Guarantee "rice bags, vegetable baskets"

  Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan said recently that the Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of Finance and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, has conducted comprehensive demonstrations of e-commerce in rural areas for six consecutive years since 2014 to promote the development of e-commerce in rural areas across the country.

  "So far, we have supported a total of 1,180 demonstration counties, and have achieved full coverage of 832 national-level poor counties across the country, which has effectively promoted the development of rural e-commerce. After years of joint efforts by various departments in various regions and the activeness of the majority of enterprises Participation, China's rural e-commerce has developed rapidly and has achieved remarkable results. "Wang Bingnan said.

  According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2019, the nationwide online sales of agricultural products reached 397.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27%, driving more than 3 million poor farmers to increase their income. During this year's epidemic prevention, the role of rural electricity supplier platform further highlights, Sichuan Province, 88 counties demonstration organized electricity supplier, express delivery companies for the residents living materials reach more than 600 million alone to protect the residents of the "rice bag" and "basket."

  The "Express Delivery to the Village" project has also accelerated the pace of construction with the popularity of rural e-commerce. "This year's proposed national postal management conference 'courier village' project, issued in early April," the courier village three-year action plan ", only a month later, 'Express into the countryside' written into the government work report." State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng said, "the whole industry will push forward the 'courier village', the extension service delivery concerns network, open up channels of two-way flow, boost farmers' income poverty, poverty is winning the battle industry contribute forces."

  "E-commerce +" into poverty alleviation "new agricultural tools"

  A cable, a screen, a cell phone, get through poor areas of agricultural products, "the mountain" to become poor households poverty "new tools."

  "Live among friends, I recommend the sweet potato juice is our county's specialty, fresh potato fresh green health ......" Recently, the general manager of Hebei Baixiang County, Wang Zhuo Wang Zhuozhen Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to sell the phone before sitting Live sweet potato products. Broadcast a half-hour, sold nearly 300 sweet potato juice. By "crying" between live, Wang Zhuozhen of the best-selling sweet potato, not only broaden the sales channels and improve the income of farmers.

  "I want 6 pack white benevolence, 5 pounds Longxumian, come back a bottle of sesame oil." Recently, Ms. Chen, who lives in Liaocheng city of Shandong single micro-channel shopping in a group home in poverty alleviation. In the afternoon, the courier directly to the goods to the doorstep.

  Ms. Chen's home is located Liugaizi under the jurisdiction of Liaocheng Linqing. As information technology demonstration town, Shandong Province, poverty alleviation, Liugaizi cooperation with a network company, the establishment of information poverty electronic business platform, through online and offline ways to promote pro-poor agricultural sales. They set up 17 community groups buy micro-channel, 15 communities covering more than 8000 families, from time to time organized campaign to promote the town's poor quality agricultural products.

  Liugaizi party secretary Li said that the red, 2019, the town of greenhouse poverty by electricity provider channel sales of fruits and vegetables 1.5 million pounds on sales of nearly 20 million, poverty alleviation and income benefit local poor households. "In the future we will increase efforts to promote online and offline, is expected to return this year there will be significant growth."

  Cold chain logistics in rural areas of concern

  Recently, the CPPCC National Committee, the State Post Bureau Director Ma Xulin universal service submitted a "proposal for postal courier companies to develop cold chain logistics in rural areas to give financial support" a recommended "to address the constraints in rural areas of cold chain logistics bottleneck as soon as possible to accelerate and promote agricultural products into the city. "

  Maxu Lin said China's ability to produce cold storage, cold chain distribution, standardization, scale and other aspects need to be strengthened, which is the key factor restricting the postal courier industry to further develop the role of the two-way flow channels.

  Cold chain logistics infrastructure in rural areas, but also the CPPCC National Committee, Dean of Sun Yat-sen Food and Health Engineering Research Institute Liu Xin in the two proposals also mentioned the topic. Liu Xin said that the cold chain logistics infrastructure investment as a public service industry, people's livelihood priority to the development industry, to promote rural revitalization, household income continued to grow steadily; cold chain development in rural areas of the new form of "Internet + TV + agricultural products" also go a long way .

  Liu Xin think, live sales of agricultural products, agricultural products to let consumers have a sense of trust, a sense of security, which put a higher demand for agricultural products, brands, standardization is where the need for further agricultural development effort. Rural cold chain is the weakest link is currently one of the more rural areas, should attach great importance to the establishment of the terminal building from the source to the regulatory system for cold chain logistics, attaches great importance to the supervision of the cold chain logistics network, only solve this "a first kilometer "problem, to solve agricultural product quality and safety issues, but also to lay a solid foundation for brand building and standardization of agricultural products.

  Maxu Lin said postal courier industry to carry out the cold chain logistics obvious advantages, rural postal outlets coverage of 100% courier network coverage of the township was 96.6%, which is smooth "farm town" an important connection point, the whole process can be passed on agricultural products monitor and reduce the risk of the occurrence of irreversible produce qualitative change.

  Yang Junfeng