China News Service Client, Beijing, June 1 (Xie Yiguan) The China Consumers Association released a comparison test report of 36 inline skates on the 1st. The report showed that some samples did not pass the advanced strength test, involving Migao, Disney, and Li Ning. , Cougar and other brands.

Data map: Two children playing with a pair of roller skates. China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

All samples meet the requirements of fastness test

  According to the China Consumers Association, all the samples tested were casual inline skates for the general public, which are only suitable for amateur roller skaters and not for professional athletes; 26 of the 36 samples were purchased from online and 10 from offline malls And roller skating clubs; sample prices range from more than 100 yuan to nearly 2000 yuan; a total of 19 brands involving domestic and foreign brands are included; there are 29 samples with adjustable shoe size devices, which are convenient for children to adjust the appropriate shoe size as they age.

  The test results show that all samples meet the strength requirements of the current GB / T 20096-2006 "Roller Skates" standard, and are reliable for beginners, horizontal gliding, and non-fancy jumping movements; all samples meet the test requirements for firmness, shoe shells It is firmly connected with the shoe rack; the appearance of the samples is well-balanced and will not cause damage to the wearer; after all samples have been treated at high and low temperatures, the appearance is not abnormal.

10 samples failed the advanced strength test

  It is worth noting that some samples have not passed the advanced strength test, which is not suitable for athletes who have advanced requirements and try big moves such as fancy jumping.

  Specifically, in the first round of positive impact test results, 8 of the 36 samples were damaged to varying degrees. Among them, the shoe shells of 6 samples were damaged, the adjustment screw of 1 sample was bent and deformed, and the middle bandage of 1 sample was broken.

  These are the nominal model PHUZION 1's Baoshilai roller skates, the nominal model VCB71137-S8 MESUCA roller skates, the nominal model DCY41038-Q8 Disney skates, the nominal model AQAP242-1's Li Ning skates, the nominal model Puma roller skates of MZS835L-QS, small champion roller skates of nominal model PAPAISON-301WST, blue Roche roller skates of nominal model MS172, armor warrior roller skates of nominal model KJ-336.

  In the vertical impact test of all wheels, three samples were damaged, of which two samples had broken wheel frames, one sample had a deformed wheel frame, and the wheel shaft had broken. There are mainly M3 roller skates with nominal model MC3, Miko roller skates with nominal model MC0, and armor warrior roller skates with nominal model KJ-336.

How to choose the right inline skates?

  By comparing the test results, it can be seen that the shoe shell and the wheel frame of the roller skate are most prone to problems after being impacted. To this end, the Consumers Association recommends that consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing roller skates:

  One is to buy regular roller shoes through regular channels as much as possible when buying. For products without product name information, no brand models, no warning instructions, and roller shoes that do not indicate the user group and functional classification, you should avoid buying them.

  Second, users should choose the appropriate roller skates according to the characteristics of the roller skating they want to participate in (sports, leisure), their own weight and the size of their feet. If the size of the roller skate is too small, the ankle will be sprained due to squeezing the foot during sliding; if the roller skate has an adjustable shoe size device, the adjustment mechanism should be flexible and the wheel frame can be fixed reliably.

  The third is to emphasize the comfort of casual roller skates, the shoe shell should not be too soft, otherwise it may cause sprained ankle. The wheel frame of the shoe is integrated with the shoe. The polyester material of the wheel should be selected to ensure sufficient elasticity and grip. The quality of the wheel directly affects the effect and safety of the sport. When selecting the wheel frame, pay attention to whether the connection between the upper and the sole is firm, whether the connection between the wheel frame and the sole is tight, and the wheel frame must be located in the center of the sole to ensure the balance of the skater's body.

  Fourth, if the roller skates have a brake, there should be an anti-disassembly device; the children's roller skate brake is essential, the brake should be firm, and it is not easy to deform when twisted hard. The tightening device (such as shoelace and buckle) has good strength, and it is not easy to slip or fall off after trying on the tightening strap. The good quality roller skates have thick sponge linings, the wheels rotate flexibly, and there is no stuck phenomenon.

  Fifth, wear protective suits when doing roller skating. If the protective equipment is damaged, it should be replaced or repaired before use.

  Remind when synergizing with China Consumers, no matter what type of roller skates you buy, you should ensure that the entire shoe is upright and symmetrical with the same parts of the pair of shoes; all parts are well processed, without damage and deformation. There should be no obvious bumps, cracks and obvious gate trim marks on the surface of the plastic parts; the edges are smooth and there should be no cracks or burrs; the metal parts should be treated with anti-corrosion, no burrs, and the riveting is firm.

  In terms of use and maintenance, China Consumers Association recommends to avoid sliding on wet, sandy and greasy ground; replace worn brakes and wheels as early as possible. You can use rubber brakes and polyurethane wheels with good wear resistance; do not squeeze the bearings forcefully when removing the wheels . After taxiing for a period of time, the wheels and bearings should be checked. If they become loose, fasten or replace them in time; after use, clean the surface of the shoes with a damp rag. Do not immerse them in water to wash or apply corrosive agents. The roller skates should be placed in a cool place to dry, and should not be exposed or baked. (Finish)