Dubai Customs Department launched a motivational package to cancel fines resulting from delay (renewal / cancellation) of the customs clearer card, as of 5/5/2020 until 6/30/ 2020.

Dubai Customs said in a statement yesterday that its step comes to facilitate doing business and support investors and merchants, pointing out that it obtained the approval of the Dubai Government’s Finance Department to implement the initiative, in a move that reduces the cost to the customers sector and provides direct liquidity to companies to support its business. And mitigate the effects of the repercussions of the current global crisis as a result of the precautionary measures and measures for the "Covid 19" outbreak.

The Executive Director of the Traders ’Management Sector at Dubai Customs, Abdullah Mohammed Al Khaja, stressed that the department, within the framework of its rapid response to the Corona pandemic, directed the necessity of developing perceptions and visions of incentive initiatives for business and trade groups, in implementation of the support programs launched by the Dubai government, which would contribute To stimulate the movement of foreign trade, and to enhance the regional and global competitiveness of the Emirate of Dubai, by reducing costs, improving liquidity, and reducing financial burdens on companies, as well as facilitating customs procedures.

He added, "The initiative will provide financial liquidity to companies, and will work to mitigate the effects of the exceptional economic situation the world is witnessing. This available liquidity can be directed at enhancing their commercial activities and increasing the return on their trade."

For his part, Director of Financial Department at "Dubai Customs", Mohammed Al Hashemi, pointed to the rapid response of the Finance Department in the Dubai government, and the completion of its approval of the "Dubai Customs" initiative, stressing that this reflects the spirit of one team in the Dubai government, to overcome the current situation and support investors And the business and trade sectors to establish Dubai's capital of business and finance.

In turn, the Director of Customer Happiness Department at "Dubai Customs", Idris Behzad, stressed that this initiative reflects Dubai Customs' desire to consolidate the commercial competitiveness of the emirate and embody the continuous support for its investment environment and enhance the confidence of dealers and traders in the government.

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