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Monday, Kwon Aeri, a friendly economist, is with reporters. Reporter Kwon, starting today (1st), the mask subtitle will be abolished, and can you buy a mask at any time?


Yes. From June 1st today, the day of the week mask was abolished. You can go anytime you feel comfortable, but keeping the limit on the number of public masks you can buy per week remains.

Adults are three seats per week, the same as before, and for children, they grow to five every week from today. Only students and children under the age of 18 who were born after 2002 will grow to five.

Right now, you are attending elementary, middle, and high school sequentially. That's why the time and situation that children need masks is increasing.

Day restrictions are gone, but going to buy a public mask and presenting your ID is still the same. The longevity limit per person must be obeyed.

And from 2 weeks before May 18th, my family's masks can be purchased by anyone in the family regardless of age.

Even if you are not a child or an elderly parent, a family member of your family can buy a public mask for this week at the same time if one of your family members carries your ID card, family relationship certificate, or resident registration card.

This proxy purchase is also maintained. It is now possible for one member of the family to go to the representative and buy the rest of the family instead.

Split purchases are also available. One accident today and another accident tomorrow.

Eliminating the 5th day of the day of the mask reflects the situation in which the supply and demand of the mask has been smooth, but if you ever hear something like 'There are only two copies left' when I go, I can go and buy the rest tomorrow.

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supply and demand situation of the mask has improved, but the Corona19 situation has not improved. That's why the government advised me to refrain from operating karaoke and so-called high-risk facilities starting tomorrow.


Yes. Eight types of businesses were selected from entertainment facilities to sports facilities, which are considered to have the highest risk of corona infection.

Among the restaurants, hunting pots and emotional taverns have been recently mentioned, where many young people without masks are standing in line and coming in and out.

It includes nightlife pubs, clubs and room salons, and pubs, colatechs, and karaoke.

Some of the sports facilities included indoors, group exercise, and group exercise, often called GX. Spinning, Zumba, and Taebo classes are typical.

Finally, an indoor standing venue where part or all of the audience seats are standing and standing is also included.

The deadline has not yet been set, but these facilities would be best if not operated for the time being.

However, if you intend to continue operating, you must strictly follow the quarantine rules, and everyone who comes in and out of these facilities will be recorded next week, starting June 10th.

This week, I'm going to ask you to write a guestbook by hand. When a customer enters, they take a QR code provided by the restaurant using a smartphone and leave a trace on the electronic entrance.

When you go to work, you take your pass at the entrance. It will be similar to that. This electronic access list is piloted at several facilities this week, and is mandatory from the 10th.

Even if it is not a high-risk facility, all the places designated by the local government within their jurisdiction must have this electronic access list. The e-entry records created in this way will be destroyed after 4 weeks.

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discarded after 4 weeks. So I told you not to open the door if you like this, but if you are going to open the door, follow the precautions. What are some precautionary measures?


It is a common duty for all staff members to wear masks and to identify so-called symptomatic fever among customers.

Customers must also keep an electronic access record and cooperate with measures such as fever check. In addition, people should keep a distance of 2m and at least 1m between people, and wearing a mask is essential except when eating and singing.

In the case of karaoke, the room in which the customer came in and out must be sterilized once and then the other customer must be sent in. Venues and sports facilities must also be disinfected between classes between performances.

If a business that continues to operate without complying with these rules is caught, an order to ban the meeting, which is the actual suspension of business, will be issued, while limiting the number of guests entering at a time so that only one person can use it per square meter is fulfilled. If it is a follow-up facility, the high-risk facilities you have just seen open up to be excluded from the high-risk facilities. The local government may decide to exclude this.

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is said that a fine is also imposed along with the order to ban the gathering, I think that the owners should be careful.