The online group bond test that Samsung conducted yesterday (30th) and today for two days is over.

In order to prevent the spread of Corona 19, Samsung conducted the Samsung Aptitude Test (GSAT), also known as 'Samsung Notice', for the first time since its inception.

Samsung Online GSAT was held twice a day for two days, 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Samsung provided a package (kit) that contains the necessary tools for testing such as personal information security ID cover, smartphone holder, and area-specific problem notes for test takers, and test takers access the test program according to the test date of the support company. I took the exam.

Samsung did not disclose the number of applicants for this bond, but the industry estimates that at least thousands to tens of thousands of applicants per session have been connected at the same time.

Contrary to some concerns, Samsung's thorough pre-checks did not raise technical problems such as server errors or poor access.

Samsung introduced the latest video conferencing solution from Samsung SDS to prevent fraud, which was pointed out as the key to successful online testing.

Through this system, one supervisor inspected 9 test takers with a smartphone to prevent cheating.

The business world is evaluating Samsung's online exam as suggesting a new direction for 'untact recruitment'.

In particular, we pay attention to the fact that the exam ended without the server overload or the controversy over cheating.

Based on the results of this first online GSAT, Samsung decided to consider ways to utilize the advantages of online non-face-to-face in various future employment fields after making some supplements.

It is also likely that online testing will be introduced in the second half of the year.

An official from Samsung said, "It is judged that online exams are more effective in terms of reducing social costs and convenience for candidates than large-scale paper-taking exams."

(Photo = provided by Samsung Electronics, Yonhap News)