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aftermath of the corona, major companies are taking bond tests and interviews online. Even so, it would be a good thing to hire a new employee, but there are many companies that are putting off their bonds in the first half. 

Reporter Kim Hye-min. 


Supervisors watch test takers' test scenes in real time.

[Writing Examination Supervisor: From the calling candidate, please follow the supervisor's instructions, and all other candidates wait with their faces on the front camera ... .]

The Samsung Examination Written Test called 'Samsung Notice' took place online for the first time yesterday (30 days) and today for two days.

Unlike in the past, when a large-scale exam was borrowed by borrowing a school president, test takers took pictures of themselves taking a test with a smartphone while solving problems with a computer at home.

To prevent cheating, a supervisor even equipped a system that monitors nine test takers with a smartphone.

Not only the written test, but also the interview is turning into an image.

Hyundai Kia Motors recently interviewed the candidates instead of face-to-face.

With the corona 19, the recruitment method of large companies is rapidly changing, and LG Group started hiring new employees only for some affiliates in the first half of this year.

[Jo Hyun-cheol / Job Preparation Student: Affiliates I was hoping to apply for were not open to bonds… This time, my friends and seniors preparing for the second bond were more frustrated. They would be more desperate ... .]

Recruitment of new recruits by companies has been greatly reduced since February of this year, and the possibility of the corona 19 aftermath is likely to continue in the second half of the year, making job worries deeper.

(Video editing: Yumira, VJ: Seungmin Han)