China News Service, May 30, according to the website of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, the General Office of the State Administration for Market Supervision recently issued a notice (hereinafter referred to as "notification") regarding the clean-up and rectification of counterfeit issues in well-known hospitals and other institutions. The notice pointed out that the counterfeiting of well-known hospitals and other institutions will be cleaned up and rectified nationwide.

Data Map: State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration. Photo by Jia Tianyong, China News Agency reporter

  The notice said that recently, some medical institutions used the name of "Xiehe" and other well-known hospitals to conduct operations abroad, disrupting the normal medical order and causing bad social impact. The problem of counterfeiting of well-known institutions has also occurred in other fields. In order to promote the orderly development of medical and other industries, it was decided to focus on the counterfeiting of well-known hospitals such as "Concorde", "Huashan", "Xiangya", "Huaxi", "Qilu", "Tongji" and "Tiantan". The issue was cleaned up and rectified nationwide to effectively regulate the market players' operating behavior.

  The notice made six requirements.

  One is to strengthen the protection of the name of well-known hospitals and other institutions. The local market supervision departments should take the initiative to connect with the national name standardization management system, further improve the name banned and restricted word database, and timely update and protect the relevant words of well-known hospitals and other institutions. Strengthen the standardized management of the names of for-profit medical institutions, and the names of enterprises that contain related words of well-known hospital names such as "Xiehe" cannot be registered without authorization; for-profit medical institutions that have been registered have no investment relationship or related authorization To guide its name change.

  The second is to severely crack down on unfair competition in the medical field. Intensify efforts to crack down on unfair competition such as counterfeiting, confusion, and false propaganda. Focus on investigation and punishment of unauthorized use of well-known hospitals and other institutions have a certain impact on counterfeit and confusing behavior, and the release of false medical information and other false propaganda. Strengthen the work connection and deal with the names of relevant enterprises in time according to law.

  The third is to resolutely investigate and deal with the illegal behavior of profit-making medical institutions. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of charging behaviors of for-profit medical institutions, focusing on the inspection of medical services, drugs and medical materials that have not been priced in accordance with the regulations, price fraud and other price violations.

  The fourth is to seriously investigate and punish the release of illegal medical advertisements. Focus on the investigation and punishment of medical advertisements that have not been reviewed by the health department and the Chinese medicine administration. Intensify the monitoring of advertisements, and immediately order the illegal medical advertisements to be stopped, and strictly investigate and punish the relevant responsible subjects according to law.

  Fifth, strengthen the disclosure of credit information. According to laws and regulations, the relevant information about administrative punishment and spot check results of for-profit medical institutions and other market entities shall be publicized in a timely manner to the public through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, using credit supervision methods such as business abnormal directory, list of serious illegal and untrustworthy companies, and joint punishment for untrustworthy credit. To play the role of credit punishment mechanism.

  Six is ​​to improve the clean-up and rectification work mechanism. Local market supervision departments should formulate implementation plans based on actual conditions, strengthen the coordination of different business lines, clarify the division of labor, exert joint efforts, comprehensively investigate and clean up, strictly investigate and deal with relevant violations in accordance with the law, and ensure the smooth development of actions. Each provincial market supervision department should strengthen the organization and coordination, make full use of the existing provincial multi-sector joint cooperation mechanism, improve the efficiency of supervision, and actively strengthen cooperation with relevant competent authorities in information sharing, law enforcement linkage, joint punishment, etc. effect. For similar situations in related fields, we need to make an analogy, discover and investigate together, and actively build a unified, open, and orderly market order.