Department store closed due to new model corona Reopening business in metropolitan area 11:57 on May 30

Department stores, which had been closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, are continuing to resume operations in various regions. On the 30th, Isetan Mitsukoshi's stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area also resumed operations after a month and a half.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, the number one department store in Japan in Tokyo Shinjuku, opened at 11:00 a.m., and customers visited the store one after another.

In addition to asking shoppers to wear masks at the store, install thermography with 16 entrances limited to 3 entrances, and refrain from entering the store if the temperature exceeds 37 degrees 5 minutes I am.

In addition, transparent sheets were installed in the sales floor, and marks were put on the floor to keep the distance between customers, to take measures to prevent infection.

A 79-year-old woman said, "I've been self-restrained and stressed, but I'm very happy that the department store has restarted. I'm still worried about the infection, so I want to be careful."

“I am very pleased to be restarted. It is uncertain whether sales will return or not, but I would like to change customer service and sales according to customer needs,” said Satoshi Tanaka, manager of Isetan Shinjuku Main Store.

On the 30th, the company reopened 6 stores in Tokyo and Saitama, including the Mitsukoshi Ginza store, and after about a month and a half, all stores in Japan reopened in the entire building.

For the time being, stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area will be shortened by 2 hours from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, and will be restored to normal operations from June 13.