Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) proposes a stimulus package worth 28 billion euros entitled Investment Future Mobility. This package focuses on investments in digital infrastructure and rail transport, as can be seen from the paper available to the AFP news agency.

Andreas Scheuer plans to invest 8.5 billion euros in digitalization. The corona virus pandemic has made it clear how important a well-developed digital infrastructure is. Sustainable broadband and cell phone expansion is now necessary. For this, the digital fund should be increased by at least three billion euros; For a "quantum leap" in network expansion in favor of the new ultra-fast 5G mobile radio standard, another five billion euros are required.

The railroad wants to advance Scheuer with "targeted and fast-acting economic stimulus" totaling 2.6 billion euros. One billion euros are to flow into the increased digitalization and modernization of the rail network by 2022, and 750 million euros will be used to make train stations more attractive. A further 800 million euros are earmarked for the promotion of rail freight transport.

The state-owned company Deutsche Bahn should receive 5.5 billion euros in equity capital this year and in the coming year due to the loss of sales in the corona crisis. Scheuer also advocates in the paper that the federal government should participate in the rescue package for local public transport - the states had put the loss of revenue here at least five billion euros. Coach companies should get 170 million euros.

The Ministry of Transport put the additional funds for road construction in the proposal at around 2.5 billion euros. Scheuer intends to promote innovative drives and alternative fuels with 1.9 billion euros. The money is also expected to flow into the expansion of tank and charging infrastructure, hydrogen and fuel cell technology and synthetic fuels.

The leaders of the grand coalition will meet at the Berlin Chancellery on Tuesday to discuss the planned stimulus package to stimulate the economy in the Corona crisis. The ideas of the CDU, CSU and SPD sometimes differ widely.