Tokyo Stock Market Stock Price Slightly Dropped 12:30 on May 29

The Tokyo stock market and stock prices on the 29th have fallen slightly.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning is 21,854 yen, which is 62.31 yen cheaper than the closing price on the 28th.

TSE stock index = topics fell 6.16 to 1571.18.

The turnover in the morning was 725,000 shares.

A market official said, `` Because the United States strongly opposes that China decided to introduce a'national security legislation 'to crack down on anti-government movements in Hong Kong, fears that the conflict between the United States and China will become more intense in the future. Selling orders have been placed mainly on export-related items, while buying orders have also been placed in anticipation of full-scale resumption of economic activities. "