client Beijing, May 29 (Xie Yiguan) In May, we joined hands with "Live One Sister" Weiya to stage the seven-connected Mengjie shares, and recently boarded the hot search due to the stock price drop. Netizens ridiculed that this was a wave of textbook-style "cutting leeks" demonstrated to investors.

The picture comes from the official Weibo of Mengjie Home Textiles.

Zhan Weiya went up, Meng Jie, directors, supervisors and seniors reduced their cash holdings by nearly 100 million

  On May 11, Mengjie announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qianxun Culture and cooperated with its anchor Weiya in consumer feedback, product sales, Weiya portrait rights, and public welfare.

  "Zhan Weiya will go up, and Li Jiaqi will soar", as a true portrayal of the concept stocks on the A-share market. From May 12th to May 20th, Mengjie shares pulled out 7 consecutive daily limit. On May 21st, the intraday share price reached 10.12 yuan, a record high.

  From May 8 to May 21, in just two weeks, Mengjie's stock price has risen up to 124.13%, and deservedly became a May A-share star.

  But during this period, the major shareholders of Mengjie shares have successively reduced their shares. After a "high-sell" operation, Mengjie shares caught the attention of regulators. On May 18, Mengjie shares received the letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange required Mengjie to disclose the detailed cooperation with the e-commerce live broadcaster Qian Xun Culture in the past two years, and the impact on the company's operating performance and cost. At the same time, Mengjie shares are required to additionally disclose the actual reduction of the actual controller and its concerted actions, the company's directors and supervisors, and shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares.

  On May 23, Mengjie issued a reply announcement that it had cooperated with Weiya four times in 2020, except for one unsettled, the cumulative sales amount of the other three times was 8.112 million yuan, and the payment of 2.132 million yuan was paid. Netizens sighed that it turned out that Wei Ya said, "How can you be a star to make money as a star"?

  According to the announcement, from May 12 to the date of the reply, more than 5% of the company ’s shareholders Wu Jing reduced 7,199,100 shares of the company ’s shares through concentrated bidding transactions, accounting for 0.94% of the company ’s total share capital, and reduced 7,000,000 shares of the company ’s shares through block transactions. It accounts for 0.92% of the company's total share capital. According to news, Wu Jing, Jiang Tianwu's ex-wife who is the actual controller and chairman of Mengjie, has reduced his holdings by nearly 100 million yuan. On April 16, Mengjie shares announced the disclosure of Wu Jing's shareholding reduction plan.

  In addition, in response to the announcement, on May 14, Zhou Jie, the son of Zhang Jiechun, director of Mengjie, reduced 76,959 shares through a concentrated bidding transaction; on May 15, May 19, May 20, and May 21, Meng Jie Cheng Yan, deputy general manager of shares, and his spouse Zhang Jian reduced their cumulative holdings of 140,366 shares.

  Regarding the high-level reduction and holding practices of Dong Jian, Meng Jie shares denied the existence of insider trading, operating the market, using other non-information disclosure channels to actively cater to the hot spot of the "Internet celebrity live broadcast" market, and cooperating with shareholder reductions.

  In response to Mengjie shares, investors did not buy it. On May 25, Mengjie's share price was directly shot on the daily limit, and continued to fall sharply on May 26. On the 27th, Mengjie shares rose 5.31%, but again fell 9.23% on the 28th.

  "It took 2 million to get a celebrity, and in exchange for 8 million to bring goods and 200 million high cash, this wave of operation of Mengjie shares can be said to be the most standard way to cut leek." Some netizens commented.

  After the stock price retraced, Mengjie's Dong Jiangao's move to reduce holding did not stop. On May 27, Mengjie announced that Ms. Wu Wei, the company's director, planned to reduce its holdings of the company's shares to no more than 1204775 shares within six months of the 15 trading days from the date of the announcement. Wu Wei and Wu Jing are acting in concert.

Boss Mengjie: The new retail transformation is by no means a hot idea

  Although Mengjie shares denied the initiative to cater to the hot spots in the "Internet celebrity live broadcast" market for stock price speculation, the fact is that after taking Weiya, Mengjie shares have been shot with a "strong heart".

  As an old-fashioned home textile company, Mengjie's performance in recent years has not been impressive.

  From 2017 to 2019, Mengjie's revenue was 1.934 billion yuan, 2.308 billion yuan, and 2.604 billion yuan, respectively, and the net profits attributable to shareholders of listed companies were 51.26 million yuan, 84.38 million yuan, and 85.39 million yuan, respectively.

The screenshot is from Mengjie's 2019 annual report.

  In 2019, among the four leading companies in the home textile industry, Mengjie's revenue ranked last. The annual report shows that the revenues of Luolai Life, Mercury Home Textiles, and Fuanna were 4.86 billion yuan, 3.003 billion yuan, and 2.789 billion yuan, respectively.

  I'm fancying the big outlet for live delivery of goods. In January, Mengjie shares reached a year-round strategic cooperation consensus with the leading anchor Lierbao; in February, Mengjie CEO Li Jing appeared in the Taobao live room, live 15 minutes, 80,000 people online Viewed, the transaction amount reached 120,000.

  On March 14, Mengjie Co., Ltd., which tasted the sweetness of live broadcasting, launched the theme live broadcast of "Ten Thousands Fighting for Factory", which achieved a 4-hour sales performance of 25 million yuan. On March 25, Meng Jie launched the "Original" "Shopping on the ground" live broadcast, attracting more than 1.48 million fans "cloud shopping."

  Until May 11th, Mengjie chose to "hold hands" with Weiya. Under the influence of the Internet celebrity economic concept, it successfully harvested 7 consecutive boards and pushed Mengjie to the "star" seat in one fell swoop.

  It is worth noting that Mengjie achieved operating income of 360 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 34.6%; net profit attributable to its mother was 30.572 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.6%.

  On May 22, Jiang Tianwu, chairman of Mengjie, responded to questions at the shareholders' meeting and said that we are not trying to speculate on the concept of new retail transformation. At the end of 2018, we began to lay out the 'one-kilometer ecosphere'. Signing Weiya this year is only one part of the implementation of the entire strategy.

Data picture: Li Jiaqi and the star are bringing goods on live broadcast. Provided by the organizer

Net red concept stocks play roller coaster , not only Mengjie shares

  In fact, it seems that it has become a "shortcut" for some listed companies to catch up with the headline celebrities such as Weiya and Li Jiaqi to stage the stock price myth.

  On the evening of January 15th, New Culture released an announcement and reached a cooperation with the company where "Live One Brother" Li Jiaqi is located. Subsequently, New Culture's stock price staged 5 consecutive boards.

  However, it was similar to Mengjie's experience. After the stock price speculation attracted inquiries from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, New Culture's stock price fell to a limit on January 23. At present, the growth rate of the "5 consecutive boards" of the new culture has been erased. At the end, it is the investors who follow suit and speculate on the quilt.

  Speaking of "Internet celebrity concept stocks," I have to mention Saturday, which is the main women's shoe business.

  After acquiring the Yuanwang Network, which had invested in Li Ziqi Weinian Technology, it embarked on the road of "demon stock" on Saturday. From December 13th, 2019 to January 20th, 2020, 17 trading limits were harvested on 26 trading days, with a cumulative increase of over 370% and a market value of 15 billion yuan.

  But its financial report showed that the first quarter loss was 50.504 million yuan. As of the close on May 28, the stock price closed at 23.6 yuan on Saturday, compared with the highest of 36.56 yuan, which has fallen by more than 35%.

  Holding online celebrities, the stock price rises and falls, and then the boom recedes, the stock price drops sharply, and repeated plots continue to stage. Although the story continues to repeat itself, but under the stimulus of interest, there are still many listed companies that marry one after another and marry the "net red e-commerce".

  On May 19th, Great Wall Television and Hangzhou Zhicheng Shifang Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement; on May 25th, Zhongying Internet issued an announcement that the company plans to invest in Yuanchun Media. Both companies have since received a daily limit, and have also received attention letters and warning letters, respectively, and subsequently the stock price has plummeted.

  "I should have known the bubble for a while, and it bursts at the touch, like a broken heart, tortured." Some netizens sighed. (Finish)