Aiming to provide farmers with up to 360,000 yen in advance in July Aomori Nanbu-cho May 29, 18:54

Nanbu Town, Aomori Prefecture, where fruits such as cherries are flourishing, is likely to seriously affect farmers' management under the influence of the new coronavirus. I decided.

After mid-June, new brand cherries, "Juno Heart", peaches, apples, etc. will be in harvest season from mid-June, but the reservation status of tourism farms will remain at about 30% of last year's, It is said that the impact may be serious.

For this reason, the town decided to proactively support it, and from 150,000 yen depending on the cultivated land area for farmers etc. who cultivated 0.2 hectares or more of farmland last year and declared income We will provide 360,000 yen.

We will use a portion of the fiscal adjustment fund, which is equivalent to the savings of the town, as our financial resources and aim to pay it from the beginning of July at the earliest.

Mayor Kudo Yunao says, "We would like to help farmers to eliminate their concerns and to conserve farmland by supporting them in advance."

In addition to this, Nanbu-cho also pays up to 360,000 yen to all businesses whose sales have decreased due to the new coronavirus, and cash to students whose income has decreased due to absence of part-time work etc. We provide support such as doing.

Local farmers

Some local farmers expected their new support measures for Nanbu-cho.

Mataichi Yamamoto, who runs a sightseeing cherry garden in the town, expects income to decrease compared to the average year as tourists are distant due to the new coronavirus.

In addition, there are some locals that have closed the business of tourist farms to prevent infections, so if the cherries consumed at the tourist farms will come to the market in large numbers in the future, the price will drop. I am afraid that

Mr. Yamamoto said of the support measures that the town has put out, "I am grateful that if you can support me in advance without seeing the future, my morale will increase and the feeling of making good fruits will grow stronger."