“Stop economic deterioration within a year” Over 60% NHK survey New Corona May 29th 17:30

As a result of a survey conducted by NHK on major domestic companies in connection with the spread of new coronavirus infection, more than 60% of the companies in total believe that the economic downturn will stop within a year. I understand.
On the other hand, the most common answer was "within 3 years" when the Japanese economy returned to the level before the outbreak spread, but the view was largely divided by companies.

NHK will conduct a questionnaire survey from 19th to 29th of this month to understand the general trends such as perspectives on the economic outlook for 100 major companies in a wide range of industries such as domestic manufacturing, retail and finance. We got answers from 95 companies.

Of these, when asked when it seems that it will stop the deterioration of the Japanese economy,
▽ "Within 3 months" was 24.2%,
▽ "Within 6 months" was 12.6%,
▽ "Within 1 year" Was 25.3%.

As a result, more than 60% of companies are expected to have a brake within a year.

On the other hand, 12.7% of the companies chose the option of exceeding 1 year, and 25.3% did not respond.

When asked about the biggest reason why it takes a long time to recover,
▽ "Decrease in consumer sentiment" was 27.4%,
▽ "Delay in overseas economic recovery" was 22.1%,
▽ "Impact of new lifestyle" was 17.9% ..

When asked when the Japanese economy expected to return to the level it had before the outbreak spread, the views were very different.

The most common was "within 3 years" at 24.2%, followed by "within 2 years" at 23.2%, and "within one and a half years" at 12.6%.

9.5% of the companies replied “more than 3 years” and 4.2% “within 1 year”.
No answer was 26.3%.

Weekday hire number reduced by more than half 30%

According to the questionnaire survey, more than half of the companies answered that they would reduce the number of employees on weekdays by more than half compared to before infection spread, and more than half of the companies plan to further expand the use of telework. I understand.

When asked what to do with the number of employees working on Hiranagi compared to before infection spread,
▽ 32.6% of the companies answered "Significantly reduce by 50% or more
", and 48.4% of the companies answered "Reduce to some extent". did.

On the other hand, 8.4% of the companies replied, "Return to the level before infection spread."

When asked how they would like to use telework in the future,
▽ "expanding" was 54.7%,
▽ "maintaining the current state" was 17.9%, and
▽ "reducing" was 10.5%.

Studies show that even after the government's declaration of an emergency was lifted, companies are still actively using telework to continue to reduce the number of employees.