"New infrastructure" should avoid isolated and scattered development

  Since the outbreak, the "new infrastructure" has quietly become a web celebrity in the field of infrastructure. At the two sessions this year, "Strengthening the construction of new infrastructure" was included in the "Government Work Report", which once again triggered social discussions and became a hot spot among the hot spots.

  How should the "new infrastructure" be built? Representatives, committee members, and industry experts from the two associations have made suggestions and suggestions from various angles and put forward many constructive opinions.

Different investment methods: "new infrastructure" should be led by the market

  Regarding how the "new infrastructure" should be built, Liu Shijin, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy chairman of the China Development Research Foundation, believes that the difference between "new infrastructure" and "old infrastructure" must first be understood.

  "Most of the 'new infrastructure' is not so-called public goods." Liu Shijin said that a considerable part of the construction of traditional infrastructure such as airports, roads and parks is of a public good nature and belongs to public or quasi-public goods. Many of the "new infrastructure" now referred to are market products.

  "Traditional infrastructure is a physical public facility characterized by" big capital and big projects ", and a big feature of" new infrastructure "is the digital infrastructure with data as a key element, forming a digital platform of" big platform and big operation ". "Song Liu, vice president of Alibaba Group, said.

  Liu Shijin believes that many "old infrastructure" such as repairing airports and highways have high project certainty, and the government often invests in construction. The "new infrastructure" is highly uncertain, and the development potential is difficult to estimate, and it is more suitable for investment by enterprises. In this process, the market plays a decisive role. The enterprise decides whether or not to invest, when to invest, and may even take the form of venture capital, and the risk is also borne by the enterprise.

Avoid isolation and fragmentation: coordinated layout and integrated development

  "The development opportunities brought about by the" new infrastructure "are not the infrastructure itself, but the superimposition of digital and intelligent upgrades and the needs of economic and social transformation. It is a combination of time and trend." CPPCC National Committee Member, President of China Industrial Internet Research Institute Xu Xiaolan said.

  In this context, Xu Xiaolan analyzed that a new generation of digital infrastructure does not exist in isolation, but penetrates and integrates with each other.

  "At present, China has not yet formed a unified digital infrastructure construction plan and cannot form a joint force. At the same time, the promotion of the digital infrastructure represented by the Industrial Internet needs to further build consensus." Xu Xiaolan believes that the coordinated layout of digital infrastructure should be coordinated to avoid isolation and fragmentation. Development, forming a “combination boxing” of digital infrastructure.

  The "integration" in Liu Song's eyes is not limited to the construction level: "We believe that the next ten years will be the key 'installation' period of the 'new infrastructure', not only to attach importance to construction, but also to consider the soft environment and talent supply. In the 'new infrastructure' After the completion of the 'installation', the bigger topic is how to cultivate talents for cross-border innovation and form innovations in the new digital ecology. "

  Fan Jie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice president of the Science and Technology Strategic Consulting Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that "the space layout of the" new infrastructure "must be given priority to efficiency". It should be prioritized and advanced in areas with production efficiency advantages, and then the income should be more scientific. Reasonably distributed.

"Low-key" is not underestimated: should pay attention to the construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure

  Compared with 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., major technological infrastructures are slightly "low-key", but they are also important members of the "new infrastructure."

  A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission clarified the scope of "new infrastructure", including information infrastructure, integrated infrastructure, and innovative infrastructure. The innovation infrastructure includes major technological infrastructure.

  Wang Yifang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, called for strengthening the construction of major national scientific and technological infrastructure in the "new infrastructure".

  "It is very important and correct to explicitly include 'major technological infrastructure' in the 'innovation infrastructure' category." Wang Yifang believes that due to the clear scientific goals of major scientific and technological infrastructure, the required technology often has high indicators and advances The other characteristics are the endogenous driving force for technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Its spillover effect can drive regional economic and social development and enhance the country ’s overall innovation capability.

  For the future construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure, Wang Yifang believes that the power of local governments and society should be used to increase the scale of investment in major scientific and technological infrastructure, and make good selections to ensure the advancement of scientific goals and technologies.

  "At the same time, the prefabricated research of facilities and the research and development of key components should also be strengthened, the level and proportion of self-developed technology should be improved, the proportion of technology introduction should be controlled, budget management should be improved, and technological innovation should be encouraged." Wang Yifang said.

  Our reporter Liu Yuanyuan Cui Shuang