Nissan has announced a deficit of 671.2 billion yen, announced structural reforms such as the new Corona May 28, 20:12


Nissan posted a huge deficit of more than 670 billion yen due to structural reform costs in addition to sluggish global sales in the fiscal year ended March. The deficit is comparable to that of the year ended March 2000, when former Ghosn reformed the reconstruction.

Nissan's financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017 were due to the sluggish sales in the main markets of the United States, etc. This was a 14% decrease, to ¥ 9,878.8 billion.

In light of the difficult performance, the company recorded an extraordinary loss of 603 billion yen for structural reform such as reduction of production capacity of the factory, resulting in a huge loss of 671.2 billion yen. It was.
The final deficit in the annual settlement of accounts is the first time in 11 years, and the deficit range is comparable to that in the year ended March 2000 when former Chairman Ghosn, who had just been sent from Renault, carried out reforms for reconstruction.

Nissan also announced a concrete structural reform plan by 2023.

The plan is to concentrate on the three markets of Japan, China, and the United States, and reduce the production capacity of vehicles by 20% to 5.4 million units per year.
In addition to closing the Indonesian factory, we are proceeding with discussions on the closure of the Spanish factory.
Furthermore, in addition to reducing the number of vehicles by 20% and reducing fixed costs by 300 billion yen, the shift from the expansion route during the time of former Chairman Ghosn was made clearer.

On the other hand, we would like to accelerate recovery of profitability by introducing 12 new models in the next year and a half.

Makoto Uchida, president of Nissan, said in an online press conference, "We will keep our eyes on our past mistakes and correct the things that should be corrected. We will secure profits without aiming for excessive sales and continue to invest in areas where we concentrate. And aim for steady growth. ”

In response to the enormous final deficit, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will reduce the executive compensation of the management team including Makoto Uchida.

President Uchida said at a press conference, "We take management responsibilities very seriously. We will ask our employees for pain in reforming our business, so we will also reduce the compensation of executives." It was.

Spanish Foreign Minister "regret"

Spain's foreign minister González appeared on a state-run radio program on Sunday after Nissan Motor Co. announced that it would proceed with talks to close its Barcelona plant in Spain. We have made every effort and regret Nissan's decision. "

He added, "Maintaining employment is our primary concern, and we want to explore all possibilities."

In addition, the Spanish Ministry of Industry issued a statement, and within the next few days, we will analyze the impact on the employment etc. due to the closure of the factory with the Nissan factory in Catalonia and Barcelona city, the labor union, etc. I am going to discuss it.

Hundreds of employees gathered in front of the Barcelona plant in the morning, protesting Nissan's announcement by lining up tires and burning them.