China News Service, Lanzhou, May 28 (Deng Xiaoxu, Yang Jing) Wiping sweat and drinking slobber, it was just dawning, and Ma Wanming, who had been busy all night, wanted to deliver the more than 150 pounds of tofu that he had just made to the town's vegetable shop. The 27-year-old Ma Wanming is a poverty-stricken household in Zhahuaying Village, Yaozhanzi Town, Guazhou County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. Only a junior high school student has worked in many cities, and he was eventually guided by the town ’s help cadres. He returned to his hometown to make tofu and sell tofu, so Shili and Baxiang called them "Tofu Xishi."

  "After graduating from junior high school, I went to work outside, and I haven't made a name for me in the past years." When I came home, I accidentally mentioned the thing about making tofu. At that time, I wanted to give it a try. I never thought that tofu was done. "

The picture shows the finished product display made by Ma Wanming Tofu Workshop. Photo by Yang Jing

  With ten and ten rumors, many villagers knew that Ma Wanming made tofu delicious, so they went to buy. After learning about this situation, the help cadres in Zahuaying Village, Yaozhanzi Town visited and communicated many times, made suggestions, and made feasibility suggestions in terms of site selection, raw material selection, and tofu production and processing. Wang Jingfa, the leader of Baocun Village, went to counties and towns with Ma Wanming's father many times to go through relevant business procedures.

  "It's not easy to see young people sinking in to learn technology. Everyone has a high opinion of Ma Wanming's tofu. We also use practical actions to give young people some real help. The town encourages young people to return to their hometown to learn technology, so that they can take care of their families. , And can make money, "said Wang Jingfa, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yaozhanzi Town, Guazhou County.

  In 2017, with the help of the Party Committee and Government of Yaozhanzi Town, Ma Wanming built a tofu workshop. After being put into operation, the production of tofu has doubled, and the income has doubled. "Majia Tofu Workshop" is produced according to the order. Two people, father and son, get up at two or three o'clock in the morning every day. After cooking soybean milk, ordering tofu and pressing tofu, they are busy until 8 o'clock in the morning. Ma Wanming sent the tofu, and his father soaked the beans at home. They were often too busy to eat. Even so, Ma Wanming still insisted on going online, reading books, and consulting his peers. The more the tofu is made, the more delicious it is. The people who come to buy tofu are also coming. more.

  "A pound of tofu sells for 2 yuan. This year is the third year, and the nearby towns and villages also know my family's tofu." Ma Wanming said. Under the integrity of the father and son, the quality of the tofu produced by the Tofu Square is guaranteed. In addition to his own breeding industry, Ma Wanming took off the hats of poor households. His annual income per capita reached more than 10,000 yuan, and his life was enjoyable.

  In Yaozhanzi Town of Guazhou County, Ma Wanming's Tofu Square is just a microcosm of getting rich. In recent years, Yaozhanzi Town has given full play to the advantages of "Party Construction +", continued to strengthen party construction and led the industry in poverty alleviation, and realized "one-to-one" assistance for party members and cadres and poor households, ensuring that poor households "do not take off their hats or take off their hats." Policies, hat removal without assistance, hat removal without supervision ". While developing and cultivating the characteristic seed breeding industry, we will increase labor transfer, encourage the development of "five small industries", and take multiple measures to improve the quality of poverty alleviation.

  This year, relying on resource advantages, Guazhou County focused on the development of characteristic industries and cultural tourism industries, combined with the key work of poverty alleviation, and strived for the "five small industries" assistance project funds to support poverty alleviation households to develop "small courtyards, small poultry, small crafts, The "five small industries" project, which mainly relies on small businesses and small workshops, realizes both cultivation and sideline production, and increases the income of poor households.

  It is understood that Yaozhanzi Town implemented an incentive mechanism for poverty alleviation this year to encourage poor households to rely on their own efforts to increase their income. The "five small industries" can apply for small workshop subsidies. Like Ma Wanming's tofu workshop, a maximum of 10,000 yuan can be subsidized. In addition to Ma Wanming, Yaozhanzi Town has also emerged as a model of poverty alleviation such as "net red seller", "breeding expert" and "workshop boss". They rely on their "blood production" ability to get rid of poverty and become rich, setting a benchmark for the villagers and inspiring the public Xiaokang's strength ran out of the "acceleration" of decisive battle to overcome poverty. (Finish)