client, May 28 (Xie Yiguan) If you want your child to have healthy feet, you have to choose a suitable pair of shoes. However, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee recently conducted a comparative test on 50 samples of children's shoes and found that 11 samples did not meet the standard requirements, involving PAW IN PAW, wooden cabins, seven waves, Joy & Mario, erellora British and other brands.

  The sample price for this evaluation ranges from 29.9 yuan to 1083.3 yuan, mainly children's travel shoes and casual shoes. Ten samples with good overall evaluation, including FILA, hotmind, M.latin, Mini Peace, New Balance, H & M, mikihouse, Mothercare, Dr. Jiang , Tyranis and other brands.

Ten samples with good overall evaluation.

  The 11 samples that did not meet the requirements of the standard were mainly three types of indicators, such as small accessories, total heavy metals, and phthalate, which failed.

  Articles intended for infants and young children should not contain small parts that can easily fall off to prevent accidental injury if swallowed. In terms of small accessories, 13 samples of small accessories meet the standard requirements, and 6 samples of small accessories are small parts that are not strong enough to meet the requirements of the national mandatory standards. They mainly include PAW IN PAW children ’s shoes, wooden cabin baby shoes, Joy & Mario and other fashionable casual shoes and children's shoes.

Information on samples that do not meet the standard requirements in the tensile strength and admissibility testing of small accessories.

  In terms of phthalate content, the test found that 32 of 50 samples did not detect phthalate, 44 samples met the standard requirements, and the detected values ​​of 6 samples did not meet the standard requirements, including Qibohui men's / women's / fashion fan mesh children's shoes, erellora children's walking shoes, British YeeHoo infant walking shoes, Joy & Mario fashion casual shoes, etc.

  It is worth noting that the detection value of phthalate in the seven-wave-brilliance male / female / chao fan mesh children's shoes samples exceeded the limit by more than 100 times.

Information of samples whose phthalate content does not meet the standard requirements.

  In terms of the total amount of heavy metals, 38 of 50 samples were found to have no heavy metals detected, 47 samples met the standard requirements, and the detected values ​​of 3 samples did not meet the standard requirements. There were wooden and wooden baby shoes and Meng Dixing. Children's shoes, etc.

  The comparative test also tested hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde, dimethyl fumarate, and N-nitrosoamine in rubber parts. The results all met the standard requirements.

  In addition, in terms of comfort, the test found that out of 39 samples (excluding those that do not meet the strong standard requirements), 36 samples were moderately soft and hard, 2 samples were too soft, and 1 sample was too hard.

  In terms of anti-skid performance, among the 39 samples (excluding those that do not meet the strong standard requirements), 9 samples have a coefficient of friction that is even better than the requirements of the snow boots recommended standard (≥0.3), including hotmind, Anta, FILA, new balance, M.latin, Balabala, CONVERSE and other brand children's shoes samples.

Sample information of the anti-skid performance measured value not less than 0.3.

  The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission reminded that when buying children's shoes, one smelled. It is not recommended to buy shoes with obvious pungent smell; the second is to check the accessories. Try to choose products with clean and fresh uppers without too many small accessories; the third is to look at the soles. You can prefer to choose shoes with rubber soles. The soles are better with deeper patterns, sharper edges, and better anti-slip performance. Fourth, twist the shoes. To determine whether the shoes are soft and hard, hold the children's shoes with both hands and twist them. (Finish)