Moderna is a biotechnology company, founded in Cambridge (Massachusetts) in 2010 that has, among others, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.. In 2019, it billed 60 million dollars and lost 514. It has 1,260 million in cash and no debt. Its market value last Monday shot up to $ 30 billion. There were many of us who were unaware of the existence of this company until its name appeared in the headlines of all the international media. He had just announced that he had passed Phase 1 in the investigation of a Covid-19 vaccine. She dared more: she predicted that in January she could be ready if she positively passed the next stages. We discovered that number three of the company is a Spanish, Juan Andrés, technical director of operations and quality. Andrés, a graduate in Pharmacy from the University of Alcalá de Henares, became head of global operations for the Swiss pharmaceutical multinational Novartis , where he led a team of 25,000 people. The story immediately went viral and sparked a debate that is still going on across the industry. From logical skepticism to the need to open a door to hope. Before Moderna we discovered Gilead , another company in the sector looking for the magic shot. There will be new cases that will continue to generate new stories.

The Nobel Prize in Economics Robert Shiller published in 2019 Narrative Economics , where he analyzes the different economic accounts that throughout history have behaved virally. In fact, before we understood curves and plateaus about the pandemic, I compared the behavior of these accounts with the way a virus works in the population. Not all stories are positive and hopeful. Many of these stories have served to create speculative bubbles in which someone has always been the winner, or have favored unsustainable economic theories to favor certain political interests.

The amplification of social networks in recent years has only amplified speakers, which reach the vast majority of the population without filters. Ask a person where they got some strange-sounding information and the answer is usually the same: "I have read it on the Internet or a friend who has told me ..." The spread of the news fake (yes, fake news in English, which seems to be more snobbish) is easier today than ever. There are already tens of thousands of studies and research on a phenomenon that has created a new profession: experts in telling and spreading lies. The blablabla turned into law. A new mob.

Fake news and the responsibility to ensure the information flowing through the networks speaks this week for AE Nick Clegg , former number two of the British Government by the Liberal Party from May 2010 to May 2015. After his period of fame and Subsequent political dethroning in the midst of the Brexit surge, Clegg has become the face of Facebook . The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg , become one of the titans of social networks, whose role as receiver and watchdog of the data and comments of 2.6 billion people has already made him a parallel power to what is already feared.

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