The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said it will supply 111.1 million masks to the country for two days this weekend.

We are supplying 9023,000 sheets today on Saturday and 2093,000 sheets tomorrow.

Today, there are 690,000 pharmacies nationwide, 23,000 Nonghyup Hanaro Mart excluding Seoul and Gyeonggi, and 1.89 million pharmacies.

Tomorrow, 1938,000 sheets will be supplied to the pharmacy, and 155,000 sheets will be supplied to the NACF Hanaro Mart excluding Seoul and Gyeonggi.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can buy a mask regardless of the end of the year of birth.

The principle of purchasing 3 copies per person per week applies.

If a family member has his or her ID and family relationship certificate, you can also purchase a mask for all family members.

Mask surrogate purchases are also available for the disabled, national veterans, seniors, nursing home patients, and long-term care recipients.