Shoppers in Abu Dhabi emphasized that the commitment of the sales outlets and the commercial centers to the precautionary measures, procedures and rules followed, provided them with a safe and comfortable shopping, in light of the protection from the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

They said, during a field trip to «Emirates Today», that this commitment is every strong motivation to shop with confidence, pointing out that the holiday traditions followed every year did not change, to introduce joy into the hearts of children, despite the cessation of family visits.

Yesterday, commercial centers in Abu Dhabi witnessed an increase in consumer demand just before Eid Al-Fitr, amid eagerness to implement precautionary measures by these centers.

The «Emirates Today» tour showed a high demand for buying holiday supplies, including food and cleaning supplies, while the average turnout was in the shops for clothes, shoes, perfumes and toys.

Gloves and gloves

Consumer Nora Shaheen said that the sales outlets were keen to provide gags and gloves to shoppers, and the application of physical spacing, in addition to lining up consumers in regular queues abroad, to avoid congestion inside those outlets, and the application of the spacing rules in the vegetable and fruit purchase area.

Shaheen confirmed that she is shopping for new clothes for the family, in addition to some games, pointing out that the holiday traditions followed every year have not changed, in order to bring joy to the hearts of her children, despite stopping family visits and going out of necessity.

The presence of supervisors

In turn, the consumer Abdul Rahman Ibrahim drew a large turnout at the outlets and cooperative societies for the purchase of foodstuffs, sweets, detergents and sterilizers, before Eid Al Fitr, while taking care of the physical distance between shoppers.

He added that the sales outlets were keen on organizing the entry of the vegetable and fruit purchase area through one path, with a clear presence of supervisors to ensure no congestion, as well as facilitating the payment process and guiding shoppers to the non-crowded payment boxes.

Ibrahim stressed that the commercial centers' application of precautionary measures strictly assured the shoppers and formed a strong incentive to shop with comfort and confidence, pointing to the distribution of gags and gloves on the entrances to the sales outlets, with the application of physical spacing, at a time when signs were placed showing the number of shoppers allowed to enter, and alerting Not to use fitting rooms, and not to replace clothes and shoes.

Children's clothing

In the same context, the shopper, Amna Masoud, said that she intends to purchase new clothes for her children, on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, pointing to an average turnout in the shops of clothes and shoes, perfumes, sweets and chocolates, in exchange for a large but organized demand on the outlets of selling consumer and food items.

Masoud confirmed that the centers were keen to enter shoppers in organized queues, and restricted entry from one door, with cameras and temperature measuring devices, pointing out that they noticed that the management of the commercial center in which it was located requested the identity of some of the elderly, to verify that their ages were less than 60 Years, in the interest of their health, what constituted comfort and reassurance in the procedures followed by the centers.


To that, the director of "Line Investment and Real Estate Company", the real estate arm specialized in managing shopping centers in the "Lulu International Group", the duty of the priest, said that the demand for shops in a number of centers is average, in light of the commitment to precautionary measures and measures, and determining the number of shoppers, In addition to reducing the shopping time to be from nine in the morning until seven in the evening, with the exception of food outlets, which witnessed a great demand.

Khoury stressed strict adherence to all precautionary measures, explaining that thermal cameras were installed in all entrances to commercial centers, while dealers must wear masks and gloves at all times, and children and people over the age of 60 are not allowed to enter the mall.

He pointed out that it is not allowed to use the dressing rooms, nor is it allowed to replace or refund, at a time when it is preferable to pay by electronic means.

He said that shoppers follow all safety and security guidelines and guidelines, and mall departments are closely monitoring compliance with these directives, to make shopping safer.

high demand

In turn, the sales official at a sales outlet, Idris Ibrahim, said that the past period witnessed a great demand for the outlets to purchase Eid Al-Fitr supplies, with a focus on foodstuffs, cleaning and sterilization tools, pointing to the keenness of the sales department to implement precautionary measures, especially the sterilization of surfaces every Two hours, organizing the entry of shoppers.

Giving masks and gloves to shoppers and restricting entry from one door.

Holiday traditions have not changed to bring joy into the hearts of children.

Financial penalties

A few days ago, the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi called on the owners and managers of commercial centers, which were granted permission to reopen their doors to visitors and shoppers, to fully comply with the conditions and instructions contained in its circular, regarding the application of preventive and precautionary measures to combat Corona virus infection (Covid-19). She explained, in a circular issued by her, that the penalty for non-compliance with the commitment, circulars, instructions, conditions, and controls issued by the department begins with a value of 3000 dirhams, then 6000 in the second violation, 8,000 in the third violation, and 10,000 dirhams in the violation for the fourth time, and ends with the issuance of the decision to close the facility Then.

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