Club-related infection continues to spread as the 'n-th infection' example of Corona 19 related to the club in Itaewon continues.

According to the Central Defense Response Headquarters, as of 12:00 noon today (23rd), there were a total of 219 confirmed Itaewon clubs.

That's four more than 215 at 12:00 noon yesterday.

In particular, two cases of the fifth infection were identified.

"The link found in the Itaewon Club is continuing, including two confirmed 5th radio waves originating from the Itaewon Club." "I'm trying to keep (fashionable) from being suppressed."

If you look at 219 Itaewon club-related people by region, Seoul has the highest number of 103, followed by 55 games and 40 Incheon.

By infection route, there were 95 club visitors and 124 contacts.

In addition, there were cases of further confirmation regarding the infection of medical staff at Samsung Seoul Hospital.

As two additional employees and one family member were confirmed at a pub in Seocho-gu, Seoul, where a confirmed nurse went on the 9th, the number of confirmed patients related to Samsung Seoul Hospital increased to 9 people.

Previously, four nurses from Samsung Seoul Hospital and two acquaintances from one of these nurses were confirmed.

Quarantine officials are conducting epidemiological investigations as the first infected nurse in the community has been reported to have caused further infection in the hospital during the course of their work.