"Fisherman card" model sold directly "Don't lose to corona" Mutsu Aomori May 23 17:22

While the movement to refrain from eating out continues due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a direct sale by muscular fishermen trained by fishing was held in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture, in order to have them enjoy the fresh seafood at home.

Direct sales by fishermen have been conducted by Aomori prefecture for three years because of increased consumption of fish, but this time it is planned to have fresh seafood at home while movement to refrain from eating out continues due to the spread of infection. it was done.

At the supermarket in Mutsu City, more than 30 kinds of seafood such as scallops and salmon that have just landed are lined up.

There are about 10 people standing at the store, including fishermen who have been trained by fishing and have a strong body. Some of them have become models of the prefecture's "Fisherman's Card," which appeals to the body in a long body.

At the same time as the store opened at 9 am, customers visited one after another and purchased the ones they were looking for, and they received a "fisherman card" along with the seafood.

A man in his 60s in Mutsu City said, “Not only did I want a card, I thought it was a tough time with the new coronavirus, so I came to support it. I will thoroughly enjoy it with Aomori's local sake.” It was.

Daisuke Okuzaki, a fisherman who participated in the direct sales and is a model of the card, said, “I want the card to serve as a motivation to eat local fish and not lose the virus.”