China News Service, Beijing, May 22 (Sun Boyan), Yang Andi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Democratic League, and director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, recently told the media that as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaches and the icy heat continues Heating up, how to maximize the comparative advantage of the Northeast region and realize the high-quality development of the ice and snow economy has become a major issue that needs to be answered urgently.

  At this year's National Two Sessions, Yang Andi's proposal focused on the high-quality development of the ice and snow economy. She suggested promoting the development of ice and snow economy in cold areas and cultivating new kinetic energy for the revitalization of Northeast China. She said that the northeast ice and snow economy has problems of insufficient industrial development and insignificant industrial advantages; the lack of abundant products and the structural reform of the supply side urgently need to be strengthened; the combined strength of the ice and snow economic development and the poor implementation of policies.

  Specifically, Yang Andi said that the concept of restricting the snow industry to non-production industries such as tourism and sports is still prominent in society due to ideological constraints. "Although there are a series of policy guides, the concept of planning the ice and snow industry with a career development concept still exists, leading to many shortcomings in the development of the entire industry chain of the ice and snow economy."

  Yang Andi believes that one-sided view of the role of the international value chain of the manufacturing industry, the key equipment of ice and snow equipment is highly dependent on imports, resulting in high operating costs of ice and snow sports venues, niche ice sports consumer groups, and lack of cost sharing mechanisms, which restricts the popularization of ice and snow sports in China .

  Yang Andi suggested that the top-level design should be strengthened, and a sound policy support system should be formed as soon as possible; accelerate the innovation of systems and mechanisms to promote the development of multi-industry integration; highlight the key points and crack the bottleneck of development.

  Yang Andi's specific suggestions are, first, to deepen the integration of culture and tourism, enhance the research and development capabilities of unique cultural and creative products, encourage universities to set up related majors, increase the training of professional talents, and complement the shortcomings of the development of the ice and snow economy. The second is to break down regional, administrative, and industry barriers, and form a new industry development pattern that takes resources, capital, industry, and technology alliances as carriers. The third is to speed up the intelligent production of equipment, from product sales to system solution providers. Fourth, planning the ice and snow industrial park from a high starting point, turning the northeast region into a manufacturing base for China's ice and snow equipment industry, cultivating and strengthening Chinese brands, and realizing the safety and control of the entire industry chain of ice and snow economic development. (Finish)