Corona 19 confirmed at the Itaewon Club in Seoul has now increased to 215. It continues to spread through karaoke and taverns. So, the government decided to classify nine facilities, including nightlife taverns and karaoke rooms, as high-risk facilities, and keep a list of people coming to these facilities for four weeks.

Today (22th), the first news is reporter Kim Hyeong-rae.

<Reporter> The

government has designated high-risk facilities with high risk of spreading viruses, and has decided to mandate core quarantine rules.

There are nine facilities that are considered to be at high risk: entertainment facilities such as hunting pots, emotional taverns, and danlan taverns, singing practice halls and indoor group exercise facilities, and standing performance halls and concert halls.

The government explained that it applied six criteria, such as how confined the space was, how many people gathered, and activities that spread the droplets.

In the future, this facility's business owners must comply with the quarantine regulations, such as making a list of users, checking heat, and disinfecting indoors.

In the case of karaoke, the room used by the guest must be closed and disinfected after 30 minutes to be used by the next guest.

Introducing the rules to ensure that users also correctly write their names and phone numbers is also considered.

This personal information will be kept for 4 weeks for the necessity of epidemiological investigation.

[Kim Kang-lip / Ministry of Health and Welfare: We will also prepare a management plan that utilizes ICT technology so that the list of users at high-risk facilities can be encrypted and stored in a separate place.] In

case of violation of the quarantine regulations, fines of up to 3 million won are paid to employers and users This may be imposed or an anti-business action may be taken.

The government added that the academy, PC rooms, and religious facilities are categorized as 'medium-risk facilities' in a large frame, but the high-risk and medium-risk classifications may vary depending on the location characteristics.

(Video coverage: Mincheol Kim, Video editing: Moo-Hwan Jo, CG: Seung-Hyun Seo)