Oriental Land 200 billion yen loan line setting 22:01 on May 22 at Disney Park

Oriental Land, which operates Tokyo Disneyland and other parks that have been temporarily closed, has set up a ¥ 200 billion loan line with a transaction bank to secure a large amount of cash on hand.

Due to the spread of infection, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have been temporarily closed since the end of February.

Along with this, we are providing leave allowances for about 20,000 part-time employees who have become unemployed, and from the 18th of this month, 5400 employees will be paid 4 days a month as a holiday. We carry out temporary leave for payment.

Oriental Land, which operates two theme parks, requested that Mizuho Bank, Ltd., a trading bank, set up a ¥ 200 billion loan facility in the midst of a sudden deterioration in the business environment, and signed a contract on this month.

According to the company, the cash and deposits at the end of March this year were about 260 billion yen, and there is no problem with the cash on hand, but there is an aim to secure more funds in preparation for the prolonged impact. .