Expanding the scope of sustainable benefits Targeting businesses founded this time METI May 22, 20:56

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) was out of the scope of the "sustainable benefit" that pays cash to businesses whose sales have dropped significantly due to the impact of the new coronavirus. It has been announced that the conditions will be set and the benefits will be added.

Kajiyama, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, held a press conference on the afternoon of the 22nd and announced that he would expand the scope of sustainable benefits.

As a result, businesses that were founded, which had not been the target until now, will be added to the target.

This is a condition that the company was founded from January to the end of March, and the sales in any month have decreased by 50% or more from the average from January to March.

Also, among freelancers, those who have declared their income as “Miscellaneous income” or “Salary income” will also be able to apply.

This is applicable when you need to submit documents such as withholding tax certificates and payment records that certify contracts and payments, and you can confirm that you are doing business.

Any application in principle, and online, our policy is to begin to accept the prospect of mid-next month.

Sustainable benefits are targeted at businesses whose sales have fallen sharply, but many businesses are not, and there is a growing call for support.

"I would like to expedite the detailed design and construction of the necessary system, and do my utmost to provide the payment as soon as possible," said Kajiyama, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.