Corporate capital support measures Adjusted at 12 trillion yen Government at additional economic measures 5:45 on May 23

In order to strengthen the financial base of companies whose management is deteriorating due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the government will make adjustments to set up a 12 trillion yen funding frame for financing and investment through additional economic measures. Is proceeding.

While the number of companies whose business is going down due to the refraining from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus is increasing, it is feared that the companies will fall into a capital shortage due to the prolonged impact.

For this reason, the government intends to take measures to increase corporate capital and strengthen the financial base in addition to financing.

Specifically, loans with a low repayment rank called "subordinated loans" by government-affiliated financial institutions, accumulation of investment quotas for large companies and medium-sized enterprises through the Development Bank of Japan, mid-sized We are considering investing and expanding loans for SMEs.

In order to provide such financing and investment, the government is proceeding with the adjustments to the extent that a new 12 trillion yen budget will be set up, and next week, the necessary budget for the second supplementary budget for this fiscal year will be decided. It is a policy to record.

The government has already set up a 45 trillion yen loan facility, such as an interest-free and unsecured loan system, to assist companies in financing, but the policy is to increase this loan facility. We will make every effort to maintain it.