Currently, in Europe and the United States, a growing number of children are suffering from so-called 'child gangrene'. It is said that this disease is also related to corona19, but as you have seen before, there is a concern that if the type C, which is called the European type in Korea, spreads, then the child's gangrene and the disease may also appear together.

A medical journalist Cho Dong-chan will explain in detail.


Two months ago, in Europe, cases of children with high fever or abdominal pain and inflammation of the blood vessels spreading to the heart were reported.

Since then, the same phenomenon has occurred among children in the United States. So far, more than 200 people have died and more than 10 people have died in Europe and the United States.

Regarding the disease, which is rumored to be a child's eczema, the World Health Organization has labeled it as 'multiorgan inflammation syndrome' and says it is related to Corona19.

It has been reported mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and France, all of which are prevalent in the type C corona19 virus, which has been misunderstood as the cause of child gangrene.

However, multi-organ inflammatory syndrome has been analyzed as a form of autoimmune disease called Kawasaki disease.

The exact cause is unknown, but after an infection with a virus or bacteria, the immune response is excessive, causing inflammation in the blood vessels or heart.

It is an excessive inflammatory reaction caused by a general infection, so it is said that the constitution that causes an excessive immune response rather than the type of virus affects the onset.

The absence of such a patient in Korea is analyzed because the number of infected children is very small compared to the United States and Europe.

Therefore, children's multi-organ inflammation syndrome can be prevented if the situation is well managed even after school so that the number of children infected does not increase rapidly.

(Video editing: Jongwoo Kim)