To sell part of stake in SoftBank Group telecommunications subsidiary, which has huge deficit 17:53, May 21

The SoftBank Group, which is in the midst of a huge deficit and is improving its finances, has newly decided to sell its 5% stake in a telecommunications subsidiary.

According to the announcement, the SoftBank Group will sell a part of the shares of the telecommunications subsidiary SoftBank to multiple securities companies on the 26th of this month.

Of the 67.1% we currently own, we will sell 5%, 240 million shares, the price has not been announced, but it is equivalent to 330 billion yen if calculated based on the closing price on 21st .

He also explains that the shares he sells to a securities company will be resold to another investor.

The SoftBank Group fell into a huge operating deficit of more than 1.3 trillion yen due to the decline in corporate value of the investees last year.

In order to accelerate financial improvement, we plan to sell assets worth 4.5 trillion yen over the next year, and we will utilize the shares of Alibaba Group, the largest online mail order company in China, to achieve 1,250 billion yen. Is raising funds.