Japanese car group Nissan is still looking for further legal action in the case against former chairman of the board, Carlos Ghosn. The company said in a statement on Thursday after two men were arrested in the United States who would have helped Ghosn escape from Japan to Lebanon at the end of last year.

"Nissan has taken note of the US eviction procedure. As we previously announced, we deeply regret that the former CEO has managed to escape the judicial process," Nissan said in the statement.

The company claims that it is not a party to the extradition process of the two arrested men, but that it is considering "taking appropriate legal action".

At the request of Japan, the American authorities arrested two men on Wednesday who allegedly helped Ghosn escape from Japan. The former Nissan chief would be tried there for financial malpractices, but managed to get out of the country unseen. Reportedly in a box in which musical instruments are transported.

Ghosn fled to Lebanon. Among other things, he has been accused by Nissan of tampering with sales figures, misuse of company money and damage to confidence. The car company filed a claim of more than $ 90 million against the former chairman of the board in February of this year.