The spread of new coronavirus infections causes over 170 bankruptcies at 19:36 on May 21.

By the 21st, a private credit research company found that the number of companies that went bankrupt due to the spread of the new coronavirus had exceeded 170 by 21st.

According to a credit research company, Teikoku Databank, sales declined due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, and companies that went bankrupt due to legal procedures such as bankruptcy are nationwide as of 4:00 pm on the 21st Has become 108 companies.

In addition, 66 companies have started preparing for legal restructuring, including the suspension of operations and the lawyer's responsibility, and 174 companies have gone bankrupt due to the spread of infection.

This includes Renown, a leading apparel company, who applied to the court to apply the Civil Rehabilitation Law on 15th of this month.

By industry, the largest number was 35 hotels and inns, followed by 21 restaurants such as taverns and restaurants, 14 retail stores for apparel and miscellaneous goods, and 13 food manufacturing companies.

`` Emergency declarations have been lifted in many regions, but the rate of bankruptcy is accelerating. There is also concern about chain bankruptcy due to the collapse of large companies, '' the company surveyed. I am.