Renault, hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, is considering layoffs and factory closings in France. Fabien Gache, trade unionist at the CGT, denounced on Europe 1 an "exclusively financial strategy, in continuity" with that led by the ousted former boss Carlos Ghosn.


Renault is entering a zone of turbulence. The iconic manufacturer, heavily penalized like the entire automotive sector by the coronavirus crisis, is reportedly considering layoffs and the closure of several factories in France. Fabien Gache, CGT Renault central delegate from Boulogne-Billancourt, estimated on Europe 1 Wednesday that the group's strategy is "exclusively financial, in continuity" with that led by former boss Carlos Ghosn.

"It is a strategy to exert pressure to obtain the lowest social rates. But we are at the same time in the continuity of Carlos Ghosn's strategy, that is to say an exclusively financial strategy which has no compass that the double-digit margin level per vehicle produced and sold, "lamented the union member.

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"What will stay in France?"

Renault is considering closing at least three sites: Choisy-le-Roi, the Foundries of Brittany and the Dieppe plant, which produces the Alpine. The Flins plant, which produces the Zoé electric car, will not be closed, but the site will be converted. "It is a strategy that is totally disinterested in maintaining the industrial fabric, but also in engineering. It is even planned, in the cost reduction forecasts, to amplify both the outsourcing and the outsourcing of engineering activities ", laments Fabien Gache, who even questions the future of the group on French soil.

"Today there is no strategy for renewing the Renault range, we have been asked to stop this work for a few months. If we don't renew existing cars with new innovative models, there won't be much left - something in France from an industrial point of view. What will it remain? "wonders the trade unionist. "The Zoé electric car has only been produced in 80,000 copies, for more than 30,000 euros in costs. While the Clio has produced around 400,000 copies at a cost of around 15,000 euros."


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"That says a lot about the concept of social dialogue in the company"

Fabien Gache also criticized the method used by Renault, which has still not informed the unions of the outlines of this vast restructuring plan, which will be presented on May 29. "It is the press which distributes information to the unions. This speaks volumes about the concept of social dialogue in the company, which is content to give information and considers that the unions should be reduced to accompanying measures which, in our opinion, go against the common interest ", supported the CGT central delegate.

"We cannot help but think back to the scenario of 2012, where we were after the economic crisis. The press had spoken of the possibility of a factory closure, including Flins already at the time. This had created a feeling of fear and had resulted in the first competitiveness agreement, with social lowest-priced people, "recalls Fabien Gache. "As things stand, we have started discussions on a new competitiveness agreement, with social reductions. It is no coincidence that the company has let this information leak out," he concluded. .