【Explanation】 Xinjiang, which is known as the "hometown of melons and fruits", is planted with sweet and delicious fruits that are sold throughout the world. In recent years, with the improvement of planting technology, southern fruits such as dragon fruit, banana, wogan and spiced fruit have gradually taken root in Xinjiang.

  On May 18th, in the Golden Gobi Facility Agricultural Park of the Pomegranate Seed Farmers Professional Cooperative in Keping County, Xinjiang, farmers are busy planting dragon fruit. On the basis of the original successful cultivation of 19 greenhouses, this year plans to plant 13 greenhouses Dragon fruit.

  [Same period] Villagers Maimati Slam

  One month's salary is 2500 (yuan), and all the dragon fruit has been planted on the last day of today.

  [Explanation] Keping County, Xinjiang is a key county for poverty alleviation and development in China. The land in the county is severely saline and alkaline, which seriously restricts the development of local agricultural planting technology. In 2018, the county established a professional agricultural planting cooperative to cultivate the "South Fruit North Seed" technology, introducing dragon fruit, spiced fruit, lemon and other southern fruits.

  Thanks to the development of modern facility agriculture technology and new varieties cultivation technology, Xinjiang introduced various southern fruits, which not only drove the poor households to increase their income from poverty, but also enriched the “fruit tray” of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

  [Same period] Ai Erti Wupuer, Deputy Director, Agricultural Industrialization Office, Keping County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Xinjiang

  By developing characteristic industries, creating demonstration parks, promoting technology, leading demonstrations, and driving the increase of income of poor households in the surrounding areas.

  [Explanation] In addition, Xinjiang Korla City, Akto County, Baicheng County, Moyu County and other places have also carried out "South Fruit North Planting" agricultural projects in recent years. The southern fruit trees planted in these places are mainly popular science and ornamental. .

  "Nanguobei" can not only help farmers increase their income by developing special planting and sightseeing agriculture, but also facilitate the people of Xinjiang to experience the fun of picking and tasting southern fruits at their doorstep. A multi-functional chain featuring planting and picking, rural leisure tourism, and popular science of youth plants is being formed, which has become a new way for farmers in Xinjiang to increase income and become rich.

  Ji Jiangtong Zhao Yamin Wang Tuo Xinjiang Keping County Report

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