G7 New Corona Therapeutics and Vaccines May 19, 23:08

G7 = Finance Ministers from seven major countries held a conference call on the night of the 19th of Japan time. In order to disseminate the new coronavirus therapeutic agent and vaccine to countries around the world, including developing countries, another group or organization will examine the mechanism to manage patents in the future at G7.

The G7 Finance Ministers' conference call was held around 8:00 pm, Japan time, and was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Finance Minister from Japan.

After the meeting, Minister Aso held a press conference and announced that he had exchanged views on Japan's proposals for the dissemination of new coronavirus therapeutic agents and vaccines that are under development.

At the conference, each country showed a positive reaction to creating a mechanism to manage patents for therapeutic drugs by another group or organization to make it easier to use in countries around the world, including developing countries. We will proceed with the discussion.

Minister Aso said, "If we can reach an agreement with this mechanism, it is likely that the medicine will spread rapidly and be used. It is better for Japan to do it soon."