The head of the group of suppliers of vegetables and fruits, working under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Al Sharif, stressed that the suppliers are not responsible for the high prices of vegetables and fruit in sales outlets and merchants, saying: “The wholesale prices of fruits and vegetables did not rise in the Aweer market.”

Al Sharif told «Emirates Today»: “All varieties and types are available in abundance in the vegetable and fruit market, but the refrigerators of suppliers and stores are full, as the strategic stock of vegetables and fruits in the Emirates is strong,” noting that the past period has not seen a change in the supply process On the part of suppliers, as import operations have not been affected and imports are still flowing naturally, especially in light of the close cooperation between the government and the merchants who worked to diversify the sources of import.

He added, "There is a remarkable streamlining in working at all land and sea ports, which work in a highly efficient way, to provide consumers with the needs of vegetables and fruits in the local market," stressing that the state markets witness an abundance of supply, which should not be accompanied by a rise in prices.

Al-Sharif indicated that the cooperation of all government agencies has promoted price stability in the wholesale market, stressing that suppliers are not responsible for any rise in prices at sales outlets, especially as they have worked to diversify the sources of supply, in order to enhance the availability of supply, noting that all prices must Be less than in the same period last year. He continued: «Every year we import quantities up to 20% sometimes to cover the increase in demand in specific seasons, but this year we did not do so, due to the impact of the (Corona) outbreak on the hospitality, restaurants and civil aviation sector, which caused the decline in demand.

He expected that the prices of vegetables and fruits in the wholesale market would witness stability, due to the availability of all items through the local market, or supply from international markets across land and sea, stressing that he had no explanation for the high prices of vegetables and fruit in the sales outlets, and that this would be the control of the responsible authorities consumer protection. He emphasized that all items are available and stacked in refrigerators, and we need to market them.

Al-Sharif said: "The supply of vegetables and fruit during the last period is appreciably stable", indicating that the biggest challenge facing suppliers now is storage, praising government measures and the speedy completion of import operations efficiently, which supports the availability of goods in the market, and lowers the price to the consumer.

• Expectations of the stability of prices of vegetables and fruits in the wholesale market, due to the availability of all items.

Imports flow naturally with support from government and merchants.

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