Beijing News (Reporter Wang Ziyang) On May 17, the China Non-staple Food Circulation Association released the "General Requirements for Children's Snacks" group standard, which will be implemented from June 15. This is China's first standard specifically for snacks and the first standard for children's snacks. As one of the standard drafting units, Liangpin Shop said that with the promulgation of the group logo, it is expected to provide research and development basis for children's nutrition snack planning, formulate internal standards of the enterprise, establish industry benchmarks, and support the healthy development of the snack industry.

  At present, China's standards for food supervision of infants and young children (0 to 3 years old) include "GB10765-2010 infant formula", "GB10767-2010 formula for older infants and young children", "GB10769-2010 infant cereal supplement food" and "GB10770-2010 Infant Canned Supplementary Foods", etc., are mainly proposed for infant formula milk powder, rice noodles, and mud food supplements, and are not involved in infant snacks and some other foods.

  The "Standard Requirements for Children's Snacks" group standard will be implemented on June 15. The group mark divides children into two stages according to age: 3 to 6 years old are preschool children, and 6 to 12 years old are school age children. According to the growth characteristics of children of different ages, determine the needs of different key nutrients. For children's healthy diet, refer to the "Chinese Children and Adolescents Snacks Guide", put forward regulations on adding less sugar, salt, and oil, and require limits on sodium chloride, sucrose, and fat. In terms of the safety of packaging design, the group logo requires that the packaging of children ’s snacks not only meet the relevant national standards, but also the design of the packaging structure needs to fully consider the safety of children, and should not cause harm to children during use, such as cut injuries. , Eating, and other risks.

  Yang Yinfen, CEO of Liangpin Shop, believes that under the guidance of the company's high-end strategy, the most difficult to control in the segmented snack market is children's snacks. "We started to make breakthroughs in the most difficult market segments, restructured the entire enterprise, and put forward higher requirements for ourselves." He revealed that the next good shop will continue to launch products based on the children's snack group logo upgrade.