Nowadays, in Europe and the United States, a growing number of children are suffering from so-called 'child gangrene'. It is also analyzed that there is a relationship with Corona 19, but there are no such cases in Korea yet, but the authorities are cautious.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-rae was covered.

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Europe and the United States, severe illnesses, such as high fever, skin rashes, and even severe cardiac arterial inflammation, are appearing in children.

In the UK, more than 100 children have complained of the condition since the end of last month, of which one 14-year-old boy has been killed.

In New York, the United States, more than 110 child cases occurred, killing 3 people.

Health officials in each country believe that this serious disease that children suffer is associated with the Corona19 virus.

This is because 60% of 110 children in New York State have corona19 confirmed and 26% have not confirmed corona19 antibody.
In Italy, a study found that the incidence of severe illness in children has increased 30 times since the epidemic of Corona19.

The CDC of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls it 'children's multi-organ inflammation syndrome' because it has similar symptoms to Kawasaki's disease, which is caused by excessive immune responses in children under the age of five.

[Governor Andrew Cuomo / New York: This is more of a heart disease than a respiratory disease, but it is a new symptom of the Corona 19 virus.]

There have been no cases of child cases in Korea complaining of these symptoms.

[Gwakjin / Centers for Disease Control and emerging infectious diseases respond dramatically: it does (domestic cases are) not as they are not yet reported again about the relevance of the Corona found this statement might yet see this until]

health authorities the situation with the experts He said he would be polite.

(Video coverage: Dong-hyeok Lee · Min-cheol Kim, Video editing: Jin-hoon Park)