The pet industry online "make money"

  During the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic, Jiucheng stores do business through WeChat

  The new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020 will not only affect everyone, but even pets will be hard to escape. There are rumors about "pets are the source of viruses" and "pets can infect viruses". Although the WHO has gradually calmed down after the rumors, but from this, pet health, hygiene products almost become the "favorite" of pet owners overnight. The sales of pet medicines, disinfection and antibacterial products on multi-home appliance platforms increased sharply.

  In fact, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has a huge impact on the pet industry. Big data shows that the proportion of stores with direct economic loss of less than 20,000 yuan reached 88.56%, of which the largest impact is on the care and beauty business. At the same time that offline physical stores are cold, online pet industry merchants are favored, and more and more stores are beginning to focus on online business.

  Text / Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Yang Xin

  Pet disinfection products are popular

  A pet disinfection supplies distributor told reporters that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the sales of pet disinfectant liquid surged instantly, even making them caught off guard. "In the past, pet owners did not pay too much attention to pet disinfection supplies. At least they did not buy much pet food, but since the outbreak of the epidemic, especially after various rumors occurred, pet owners paid special attention to pets' outings."

  Many people bought disinfectants for pets as early as the outbreak. "Every time you walk back, you must wipe it and keep it clean. They are not the source of infection, but the object we want to protect," said Ms. Pet advocate.

  The reporter learned in the interview that pet cleaning and sterilization supplies used to belong to the niche field, but after the new coronary pneumonia outbreak, the sales of pet medicines, disinfection and antibacterial products on multiple home appliance platforms increased sharply, reaching an unprecedented heat, becoming a pet food , The most "prosperous" category in the industry. The number of users consulting through customer service every day has also increased a lot compared to the past.

  At the same time, many pet owners have chosen to treat their pets with minor illnesses and pains. Therefore, the pet page Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, cat and dog cold clear, antibacterial liquid, oropharyngeal fresh spray and other drugs have reached new highs in terms of page views and turnover. From oral cavity, hair, soles, to the air in the pet's home, sales of related sterilization and anti-virus cleaning products also performed well.

  Offline: Pet supplies "lie" in the store

  According to the latest survey conducted by the pet industry white paper, pet trade and other industry organizations on the current status of the national pet store epidemic, from the outbreak in February to the end of March, more than 80% of the physical stores have a monthly turnover of less than 100,000 yuan, and nearly sixty months of business. The amount is below 50,000 yuan, and the monthly turnover is between 50,000 and 100,000 yuan. The average online duration of pet stores increased by 1.6 hours year-on-year, the number of receptions and care declined by 13.2% year-on-year, and the sales of pet cats and dogs increased by 14.5% after a year-on-year price reduction of 18.43%.

  In this epidemic, offline pet stores have lost a lot of passenger traffic, of which the largest loss is in washing and grooming. All media reporters from Guangzhou Daily learned that during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the normal business of most pet stores (hospitals) and other stores was restricted. Pet owners' demand for offline pet care, grooming, bathing, and behavior training has also decreased.

  Ms. Liu, the owner of a medium-sized pet store in Tianhe District, told reporters that her pet store has been open for three years, and her business has just stabilized before experiencing an epidemic. Since people are staying at home, pet food and supplies are purchased online, and the only pet grooming service that can only be achieved by going to a physical store is uninterested.

  Mr. Ji, who opened a pet shop near Panyu University Town, is not optimistic. His pet shop also sells live pets and pet supplies, and he also does pet breeding. During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, he suspended business for two months. Because pet supplies are all stored in the store, I have no idea how to sell products online. The pets in the breeding farm also need to be fed and cared for, which requires a certain cost. He said, "It is now May, and it has been half a month since resuming work, but the business is still deserted."

  Will the pet business be transformed?

  According to the report of Huajin Securities' "Household Promotes Pet Consumption Online Consumption, and the Logic of the Continuous Expansion of the Pet Economy", it is pointed out that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the operation of pet stores (hospitals) and other stores is restricted. , Behavior training and other physical store visits have a greater impact.

  Due to home isolation, pet owners have more time to accompany their pets, and they are more used to inquiring information online and looking for purchases. After the outbreak, this will also become a mainstream business habit. Some professionals believe that the pet business format should focus on specialization and diversified channels.

  A distributor of pet cat care products believes that after the epidemic, consumers will pay more attention to the quality and safety of the goods they buy, and they are more willing to spend money for pets. Taking pet food as an example, first-line brands such as Royal and Guanneng have a certain reputation in the market in terms of production process and quality assurance. This is what consumers are most concerned about and willing to pay for. Therefore, pet supplies companies must insist on using good materials and products, packaging the products in place, and spreading them in place. I believe there must be a big market. The pet market after the epidemic will usher in a wave of growth.

  Online: Pets can be "remotely" consulted

  While the epidemic has affected physical stores, online stores, micro-stores, and physical stores that can change their thinking in a timely manner and develop online sales have also prospered. The survey revealed that 90% of stores during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic were doing business through WeChat. Nearly 70% of the stores indicated that they will be online business platforms, and 69% of pet store merchants plan to open Meituan, Hungry or a small program mall and other online platforms.

  The big-headed mother (screen name) who lives in Panyu, Guangzhou, is such a person engaged in the "online" business of the pet industry. She told reporters, "Previously, nearby customers would pick up the goods themselves, but now they are at home, and it is not convenient to go out. The pets are waiting to solve the stomach problems. I can only deliver the goods by myself." In addition, she often orders solitaire for everyone in the WeChat customer base, and the pets are all-inclusive.

  The head of Chai Kefu Chong Business School in Guangzhou said that due to the epidemic, they recently increased the delivery of Meituan and launched a live webcast course, mainly aimed at some behavior problems of family pet dogs and the correct method of nursing feeding. At present, there are two types of live broadcasts. One is to cooperate with the organization to set the topic on the online course; the other is to publish some cases of dog training on Douyin. "The live course response is very good, and the fan feedback can be clearly understood and the problem solved initially." In addition, in addition to training the dogs in the store, they will also go to the door to train the dogs according to the needs of customers and solve individual problems in a targeted manner.

  It is worth mentioning that during the period of home isolation, the pet online consultation service has also entered the sight of more and more pets. During the period, the pet doctor of the pet online consultation platform launched a free consultation service, which was favored by many pet owners. There are also pet stores that provide nearby online consultation services according to different areas, so that consumers can visit the store afterwards. However, because the veterinary industry has its particularities and requires rigorous consultation and judgment, veterinary hospitals that carry out such businesses are still a minority.

  According to the head of a veterinary hospital in Haizhu District, the veterinary hospital itself will reduce the number of consultations during the Spring Festival, so the impact of the epidemic is not too great. Normal operations have been slowly restored since April. "However, the travel of the guests has not been completely released, so they will focus on bringing their pets to see the doctor on weekends. And there are more guests who vaccinate the pet, because everyone pays more attention to the health of the pet."