Government: Up to 1.5 million subsidies for infection control such as small businesses New Corona 6:15 on May 15


With additional economic measures following the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government will consider a concrete system with a policy of subsidizing up to 1.5 million yen to small businesses etc. that take infection prevention measures for business restart I will proceed.

As an additional economic measure, the government intends to establish a mechanism to support infection prevention measures for the resumption of business, targeting small businesses and sole proprietors including freelancers.

We have expanded the existing system called "sustainability subsidy" to cover the cost of installing partitions and changing the layout of seats with acrylic boards in offices and stores, as well as the cost of regularly disinfecting 1.5 million. We will proceed with specific studies in the direction of assisting up to the yen.

In addition to this, additional economic measures include raising new ceilings for new benefits and employment adjustment subsidies for businesses that have difficulty paying rent, and prioritizing repayments called “subordinated loans” by government-affiliated financial institutions. We will also include measures to strengthen the financial base of companies such as low loans and purchase of stocks.

A budget of several trillion yen is expected to be needed only for rent support, and the second supplementary budget for this year, which will be organized to implement additional measures, will be funded by deficit bonds and construction bonds, which are new debts. It is a policy to issue and cover.