US stocks fell, the Dow fell nearly 700 points during the session, the Fed chairman said that negative interest rates were not considered

  Sino-Singapore Jingwei client, May 14 Affected by the Fed Chairman Powell's remarks in the economy's significant downside, US stocks fell again on Wednesday. The intraday Dow once fell more than 697 points, the Nasdaq fell nearly 250 points, and the S & P 500 fell more than 75 points. US financial stocks and energy stocks fell across the board.

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  At 16:00 U.S. Eastern time (04:00 May 14th Beijing time), the S & P 500 index closed down 50.12 points, or 1.75%, to 2820.00 points; the Dow closed down 516.81 points, or 2.17%, At 23247.97 points; the Nasdaq closed down 139.38 points, or 1.55%, to 8863.17 points.

  US financial stocks fell across the board, JP Morgan Chase fell 3.42%, Goldman Sachs fell 3.08%, Citi fell 4.11%, Morgan Stanley fell 3.72%, Bank of America fell 4.57%, Wells Fargo fell 6.28%, Berkshire Hathaway fell 1.51%.

  Large US technology stocks were mixed, with Apple falling 1.21%, Amazon up 0.47%, Netflix up 1.49%, Google down 1.95%, Facebook down 2.38%, and Microsoft down 1.51%.

  US energy stocks fell across the board, Exxon Mobil fell 4.96%, Chevron fell 2.63%, ConocoPhillips fell 4.04%, Schlumberger fell 7.26%, EOG Energy fell 2.96%.

  Popular stocks were mixed, Alibaba fell 0.38%, rose 1.66%, Baidu fell 2.03%; Dianiu Financial fell 15.49%, Sintech fell 13.16%, Weilai Automobile fell 4.7%; Bilibili It rose by 4.92%, and Pinduoduo rose by 3.46%.

  In terms of news, on May 13, local time, Powell said in his speech that the prospects for the US economy are highly uncertain and there are significant downside risks. As for the most concerned issue of negative interest rates, Powell said that the Fed ’s view on negative interest rates has not changed, and currently negative interest rates are not considered.

  In terms of data, the data released by the US Department of Labor on Wednesday showed that the U.S. PPI fell by 1.3% month-on-month in April, a new low since December 2008. It is expected to fall by 0.5% and the previous value fell by 0.2%; the U.S. PPI fell by 1.2% year-on-year in April. Expected to fall 0.4%, the previous value rose 0.7%.

  For European stocks: The three major European stock indexes fell collectively on the 13th. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange DAX index fell by 276.84 points, or 2.56%, to close at 10542.66 points; the London Stock Exchange Financial Times 100 stock average price index closed at 5904.05 points, down 90.72 points, or 1.51%; Paris stock market CAC40 The index closed at 4344.95 points, down 127.55 points, or 2.85%.

  In terms of international oil prices: New York oil prices fell on the 13th. New York light crude oil futures delivered in June fell by $ 0.49 to close at $ 25.29 per barrel.

  Gold: The most active June gold futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market on the 13th increased by 9.6 US dollars from the previous trading day, closing at 1716.4 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 0.56%. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)