, May 11 Affected by the new crown epidemic, traditional industries and consumption patterns have encountered greater impact. However, under pressure, live shopping has become more and more convenient, and new retail has also pressed the "fast forward button". On May 10th, Gree Chairman and President Dong Mingzhu opened the live show debut in Kuaishou, and together with Kuaishou anchor Erlu and his wife, they brought a special sale "Give the World to Love Made in China" by Gree. This is the first show of Gree Dong Mingzhu's fast-track live delivery, and finally handed out a gorgeous transcript with a turnover of 310 million in 3 hours.

  It is reported that this is a brand sale that is highly anticipated by the old irons. The sales in half an hour will be 100 million, and 100 minutes will be 200 million. The 1.5-horsepower Pinyin single-cooled fixed-frequency air conditioner sold 50,000+ in half an hour, and the single-product turnover exceeded 100 million. The sales volume of the new crown sterilized air purifier with a price of 12,000 exceeded 100 units. This is the first time that fast-handed e-commerce companies have sold large-scale 3C home appliances at high prices, which confirms the strong consumption power of fast-handed old iron and proves the sharp vision of Dong Mingzhu's choice of fast-handed live broadcast platform.

  The traditional manufacturing industry has been sticking to the offline retail model for many years, choosing a new type of live broadcast platform, and selling goods in a live broadcast way does not only take great courage, but also considers reality and consumption trends. On the one hand, due to the impact of this year's epidemic, the traditional retail model revenue has fallen sharply, and traditional manufacturing industries including Gree are also looking for new online outlets. On the other hand, thanks to the rapid development of new technologies such as 5G, live broadcast has achieved a deep integration with all walks of life in a true sense. Offline to online live broadcast has become a consumer trend and an important increment for offline merchants. , The ability to bring goods is prominent.

  Although the live broadcast brings good results, how to choose from multiple platforms is extremely critical. According to reports, fast live broadcast has the advantages of good private domain traffic and high conversion rate. The data shows that the number of daily active users of Kuaishou has exceeded 300 million, and the daily activity of Kuaishou e-commerce has exceeded 100 million. Among many live broadcast platforms, Gree Dong Mingzhu firmly chose Kuaishou to carry live goods and settled in and opened Kuaishou Store.

  In the live broadcast, Dong Mingzhu repeatedly expressed his affirmation of the fast-hand live broadcast of bringing goods: "Bringing goods is a new idea. Everyone participates in it. Everyone walks hand in hand, and the three meet together is a win-win situation." Live streaming is "conflicting", and it is highly recognized by him now. Dong Mingzhu has released a signal in his first show of live streaming, and traditional manufacturing can also play live e-commerce.

  The times are undergoing great changes, and the process of turning around is still. For sensitive people, they can fit the trend and insist on innovation, and they can brave the tide in the next few decades. The reconstructed people and goods yard in the new retail concept is no longer "goods-goods-people", but "person-goods-goods". Today's "live broadcast with goods" model is highly compatible with the latter to a certain extent.

  Live broadcast is a high-definition information transmission, which can create an "immersive" shopping scene for users. Apart from the intimate feeling, out of the fans' trust in the anchor, the flow of live streaming with goods has become a mode of online e-commerce. New way out. In addition, the usual price is cheaper than usual, which increases consumers' desire to buy. Kuaishou e-commerce aimed at this point and made the break point of "live broadcast + short video + e-commerce".

  It is worth mentioning that while Kuaishou is rapidly developing its e-commerce ecosystem, it is also constantly improving its services based on market changes and the needs of the brand. This series of efforts has made Kuaishou's commercial product line more and more rich. The elements of e-commerce ecosystem construction have finally established a relatively complete e-commerce ecosystem.

  In order to help brands find new marketing outlets, Kuaishou also united with many well-known brands to create Kuaishou "Super Brand Day", explore new links in brand marketing, explore new marketing for brand growth against the trend, and establish a new position for brand public and private domain traffic. Gree and Kuaishou's cooperation in this live broadcast is the first time that Kuaishou e-commerce partnered with 3C home appliance brand to conduct a large-scale brand live broadcast sale, which is also part of the "Super Brand Day" plan.

  It is reported that many brands in different fields such as the US, Li Ning, Barabara, Adidas, and Shangpin Home Furnishing have tried to quickly sell live goods and have achieved good results. According to statistics, the turnover of the first seven live broadcasts of the "Super Brand Day" of the quick hands reached 620 million.

  Several business experts pointed out that in the future, live shopping may become a new "infrastructure". As the head platform of live broadcast e-commerce, Kuaishou has become an important infrastructure for brands to try new retail, helping brands to enter the industry's important circuit.